Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

I completed my little test described above.


I removed my external non-rogers yahoo account from my interface and website.


I then logged into the rogers yahoo email and like others it took me to the member centre and had to log in a second time.


I was able to do the account managment, navigate to the, and mail and work with mail settings.


I then left it unlogged and closed the browsers.


Came back after 30 minutes - I was logged out.


I tried to log into my rogers yahoo account, it took me to the member centre, but was not able to access anything, just the bouncing jelly beans.


No button anywhere would work. 


I finally did try logout - did nothing - then closed the website.


I then tried again, this time I was able to log in and all worked properly.


So seems the solution is that when you want to access webmail these are the steps.


You could go directly to the member centre and log in from there and then be able to go to Rogers/Yahoo webpage and access your mail in one click only - set a book mark for sure


But if you like to be able to go to the Rogers Yahoo website as your home page, you are going to have to remember to log out of your mail and the site (i think in relation to the site - didn't test), and then you can access your Rogers Yahoo site, but you will have to log in every time - yes, I agree what security do you really need on a Rogers Yahoo website, except that Yahoo would like us to treat it like a GMail or Outlook website where it tracks all your history and carries across all devices.  Guess Virozon seriously thinks they can take on Gmail, Outlook and Apple in this domain of signed in devices/websites, histories, configuration, etc.


Better dump that Yahoo name - not a great history there.


But for now, that is what I have found.


I leave someone to get that finding to the programmers who interface on the email and with Yahoo, the membercentre, the yahoo configuration pages, the Rogers/Yahoo site and mail configuration options.


They should have some fun trying to debug that one - for some reason, it is sending it to a page where it tries to probably access the authentication database for users and passwords, then it gets caught in a redirect loop and goes now where, because someone decided to turn on timeout, never told anyone (wonder if they beta tested that on a customer - not an internal user, but a customer), and now you need to sign out everytime, and sign in twice if you use the Rogers yahoo page as your home page, you sign in there, and to rogers centre to get to your mail.


Timeouts are good security practice, even if some choose not to sign out and when one has been using their services that way for decades, leaving the home page login (and maybe putting security on the user level or administrative level on the device) - that is basically what the new password process is doing when it comes to older outlook and mail - security is no longer at the mail level, it is saved, and you need another level now (but Rogers never advised that reality - we put that togeter).


So to summarize - my test shows, it will time out if not logged out (the mail, and Rogers Yahoo website as home page), and if you don't log it, you will get caught into a loop to get back in - this is a common issue across many of Rogers login pages to get caught in these loops, so it would appear to be a larger issue from my perspective and high level analysis of what I have seen and tested.


Go to the log out section at the bottom of your account name or mail, and it "should" work ok the next time, but you are going to be entering information twice to get to your mail.


I can see why this is driving people a bit batty.  It is Halloween, but give me a break. Smiley Happy


If someone figures a way to put this into easy steps, would be appreciated - step by step documentation is not my strength anymore.


And how about some feedback to Rogers - if you are going to change features in email, the first email was a great start, but you have just done something else (either alpha, and pushed out with minimal beta), or neglected to put together an FAQ or announcement on the change.


I see some logic in the change in terms of time outs and security, but as has been said so many times, tell the customers.


Hope this guides people a bit in at least working around for now, but keep going at customers tech support and get them to explain it through how to do it, and then you can tell them what the forum tells you you can do, and ask when it will be fixed or put into FAQ's and an announcement.  As said by others - just good business practice.



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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

This isn't a cookies/cache issue. The authentication for Rogers email (via Yahoo) is clearly broken. It often doesn't work via a web browser, and it does not work in the native iOS mail app. This has been going on for a week now.

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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

Hello Community!


We're aware of this issue and we are working towards a solution. We've posted our current best solution to this issue on the first page of the thread here:


If you're still encountering this issue, please feel free to PM us @CommunityHelps!


If you're not familiar with how to PM, please follow this link for instructions:




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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

I have had nothing but problems with my yahoo email and I have had with trying to get a hold of a technician on live chat which at the moment is unavailable.  Must be all the queries they are getting about the email problems.  Right now when I try to get into my email now are the following messages:


"This page can't be displayed"

"503 error unable to service your request due to maintenance down time or capacity problems.  Please try again later"  do not try later because it does not work the second, third or fourth time.

"Proxy Error"

"We are sorry but the system is not available"


The keep telling me to delete my cache/cookies and have been doing that till it coming out of my ying yang.


They keep giving me Rogers reference numbers but nobody does get back to you.  I am now getting customers who can not get a hold of me because of this problem who are really pi..ed off.






Anyone out there that can help or explain to me what the Rogers technicians are not telling their customers.


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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

same issue here.  Can't login to Yahoo email.  Get this message.  Can't get hep:


Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

Reason: Error reading from remote server

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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

I just got off the phone with a Rogers technician.  They are aware that this is a known problem which has become worse and they're working on it. 


They are trying to add the Rogers page to the login process but it's not working and causing the login process to crash.


They are also experiencing increasing delay times as people try to log in and it is overloading the system and is resulting in the the Proxy Error page.


A somewhat related issue, which they are also aware of, is that the Add Account and switching between accounts is not working because it also requires going through the authentication stage.


The technician was unable to give a time when the problem will be fixed.



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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

I have now three tickets open and yet to receive a reply, so your solution sucks!
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

I have now three tickets open and yet to receive a reply, so your solution sucks!

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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

this is insane I was only able to have access to my rogers email for an hour last night.  Down again today, their live chat isn't working and on their lines they aren't even giving the time you will be on hold  Seems they followed Bell on how not to migrate accounts (if you are with the federal government you have been down this road).  


No message on their web site either

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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

why is this saying it's solved when it isn't ?