Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

bingo - exactly my issue with yahoo groups
I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

I went to the usual favouriates and then last week it started to redirect me then today I even tried the rogers member centre and no luck at all.  live chat is useless and they refuse to tell me how long this migration is to take.  


anyone else?

I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

Whatever is happening is driving me crazy. Half of the time it says severer down. This accessing through the intermediate rogers member center takes too long and even when I'm logged in it will kick me out before I'm finished. Whatever is going on just fix and keep your customers informed which you haven't. Disappointed.

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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

For two days we cannot access our online email account on our desktop! 

Will not allow us into Rogers member center!

My husband has lost his my yahoo personalized home page!

when will this be fixed?

we should be receiving a credit on our account

not happy with these updates, email has been a nightmare

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

I suspect that some have done this already, but rather than posting here for solutions, which clearly nobody (including me) have any solutions to this issue,


My next step would be that the next time you can't log in - contact tech support for Internet, see what they can do, and then have them open a ticket, and start pushing the system to higher level tech support, management and/or escalation process if you choose.


It is part of your service to have access to your email (don't know about the Rogers/Yahoo page itself), but there is a point where you need to start to pressure the system directly for support, solutions, workarounds, whatever, and/or compensation.


Me, personally, I don't use the Yahoo mail anymore after using it for almost 20 years.  For me it wasn't worth the hassles.


I hope you and others find a way out of this loop.


Me, I am one of the lucky ones who can't consistently get into the forums, so this type of issue seems to be existing across not just email.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

I'll give Rogers a day or so to sort this email issue out though I am now considering switching to a gmail account in the future.   That way when I eventually drop my Rogers account I won't have to mess with my yahoo email. 


The very least Rogers should do is put a message on their website that there are indeed email issues, then inform everyone that they are working on it and will update paying subscribers on a regular basis as to the status of the issue.  I spend between $350 and $500 a month for my Rogers connection via 2 Rocket Hubs.  I think customers deserve to be informed and kept up to date.  That is what I would call good business practice!




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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

I just received the following email from Rogers:

"We wanted to let you know we've fixed the problem with your Rogers Internet Service

that you told us about on"

So I can now sign in again!

Not sure if it will time out, as I've been playing catch up with a lot of emails, so will have to wait and see!



I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

Here's the reason it's now failing to keep you logged in. Under the old account management in Yahoo, you could set the frequency of staying logged in and how often to be challenged.


As we've now migrated to the Rogers Member Services - that option/configuration is no where to be found. So they migrated, but we end up with a system less configurable.


Case in point - there are no user accessible configuration to change the time out function when logged into webmail. The classic case of taking functionality away, and more importantly, migrating to a system before it was proofed and checked out.


Another case in point - my passwords are managed with various password managers, and before the migration, my passwords were 23 characters long with many special characters. Now the new password rules are more lax and can't incorporate multiple special characters or long length anymore.


So I'm just waiting, with many others, to see how long this will drag out for - as I certainly, and a lot of other customers by the reports, are not impressed with the rollout and implementation.


I'm old school, and when I worked for Rogers, would never have implemented this poorly organized and planned migration.

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out

It is nice to hear an old school (I am old school implementation too), not old school, just best implementation, design and testing, but good school - still taught this way at all top software and hardware engineering universities who theoretically know what they are doing, and think and act on a high level with the user in mind always - as my daughter who is a software engineer from a major international university says, if you aren't going to put out quality software to customers, why bother anyway.


So I appreciate that I and many others are not the only ones that say that this whole implmentation along with other Rogers implementation are fraught with errors, frustrations for customers and a complete opposite of what I would describe quality end-end customers experience.  These situations, seem more like never ending poor quality customer experience that never seem to finish, once one issue seems to get under control, another comes along.


Just my opinion, as was the one above and so many others that the programming implementation quality at Rogers leaves a lot to be desired - the last thing I would ever call them now is a technological leader - more a follower in so many domains and playing so much catch up that it seems that every time we turn around we have another never ending technical issue with no feedback and no answers and no clear resolutions.


Just the way I am feeling lately - mine isn't here, but I have tried hard to support people through this mess, and my own issue at this time is whether I can even get onto this site right now, as I am one of those who can't get logged onto the forum without the old failfuls - delete Rogers cachce items and cookies, try a different browser, repeat, repeat, repeat, magically I finally get in, try to replicate it. Works a couple of times, then fails again.


If I could at least replicate it I could at least forward recommendations on programming issues, and techs could replicate and begin to program arond, but nothing seems replicable at the moment.  We just suffer.


Rant done - come on - first Moderators find out from techs about what is going on and work being dealt with with possible timelines, and Rogers, keep us up to date - we could all call support, but that will just overload the system - let's get this fixed so we can "enjoy our services".  That is all we want.



I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Rogers Mail Keeps Timing Out



I am one of the ones who have been trying to work with issues on this email stuff (I don't personally use it just trying to help) and I am just a frustrated customer like you with no connection to Rogers other than as customers.


I have a test Yahoo account to use for the Yahoo page and yahoo mail outside of the Rogers connection.


Could you describe the steps visually or through steps on how changing the frequency of staying logged in and how often to be challenged.  I do remember the feature, but it has been a long time since I was confronted by it.


As I look at some of the changes going on on the Yahoo home page and mail for non rogers and ISP customers,

I am seeing that there are a number of changes they have made - permitting unsafe apps (you opt out of the outook app password process if you so chose), 2 stage authentication if you desired and a couple of other security approaches, along with the 2Auth process that works on current devices and apps.


But Rogers took the decision to step out of the same model that Yahoo was using and change their original members centre and ultimately strip out access to previously and new features that Verizon is putting into Yahoo, which may ultimately be AOL - so this saga may go on for a while, but anybody's guess is as good as mine, and making customers guess is not good customer experience.  Customers expect to be made aware and provided with clear guidance on fully functioning changes when we get them.


I my current testing, my "yahoo" only account - not Rogers that I test with takes me to the Yahoo site, and there I can choose settings, account settings, and to look at mail and to also change settings in my email too.


Settings in email still look similiar to the Yahoo interface and seem to work simliar, but the account security settings differe, and when I log into my Yahoo mail account, I get the Yahoo standarda mail and page layouts, while if I choose my Rogers/Yahoo mail from the account choices, I end up in the membercentre as others do, with its limited option sets (so, don't bother contacting Yahoo on a Rogers mail issue - they can't answer it - only Rogers can), with the management of new mail accounts, personal information, password etc, and setting passwords for outdated clients.


What I am not having happening though and is probably due to the fact that I go to the Yahoo home page, and I have a choice of my Rogers Yahoo account and my test yahoo account, I don't go directly to the rogers centre.


This may be the case that if you don't have a yahoo account seperate from Rogers, it may take you right to the members centre, as that is the management system related to that account.


Anyone else see this.


I will strip out my yahoo account from the home page and then try and see if I can create the timeout issue that people are getting.


Will let you know what I find.


My primary advice still remains - get off anything to do with Rogers/Yahoo email and Yahoo email in general - they are a mediocre version of the other free ones out there, and if you want, you can also buy a small domain with email too and have it forever.  I use Gmail and have had an Outlook account for years.


True there has been issues over the years with both of those options, but Microsoft and Google take security very seriously now, and have greatly improved.