Rogers Internet should introduce a Giga-byte-Bank

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Rogers Internet should introduce a Giga-byte-Bank

I think Rogers should introduce a Giga-byte-Bank, where by atleast some portion of your monthly usage left over balance, can be deposited, even if it's a capped at a certain amount. And then for those months where your usage exceeds the your monthly allowance, Rogers would first subtract your overage from your "banked" usage, and then start to charge for your excess usage.


I find that certain months our usage is well below our cap of 150Gb, but other months during Christmas break, or reading week, when the whole family is home and on the computer, watching netflix etc., the usage is over our cap by 10 or 20Gb.


Back in the late 80's and early 90's, I used to be a co-sysop for a BBS (Bullentin Board System), and when we introduced a time-bank system for our user's our subscribers loved it!  The concept was similar except instead of Gb usage, it was "time", where the user could "bank" a certain % of their daily limit, upto a certain maximum time balance, and then withdraw time if they needed it on some other day.


I realize these monthly usage caps and extra usage charges are a way for Rogers to get people to sign up for a higher tier, or collect extra $ to in a sense "punish" those that exceed their cap, but I think I pay enough for my services (TV, internet, home phone and 3 cell phones), and these extra overage fees feel like a "slap in the face", especially when other months we are at 1/2 our monthly usage cap, and we don't get any "credit" for that!



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Re: Rogers Internet should introduce a Giga-byte-Bank

That actually is not that bad of an idea, much the same way things like minutes on a pay as you go plan work.

Though the major push now seems to be to try and get these companies to remove the caps altogether.
Time will tell, depends on if the crtc steps up and forces them too.

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Re: Rogers Internet should introduce a Giga-byte-Bank

Good luck with that...I do agree the GB charges are a cash grab..especially when my plan for 60GB costs about $60/mo or $1/GB, but the extra usage is $2.50/GB. Funny that Rogers charge so much for the extra, yet I don't recall getting a discount as you say for the several months when I don't use 60GB or the service is down for any reason. I wouldn't mind so much but my Rogers stock is loosing me money as well, that and the Ontario government paying $500M to build the "Skydome" in the 80's and giving it to the Rogers' clan for 25M a couple decades later...whew!