Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds

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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds

I get the same problem.  was no phone with a tech... he did a factory reset on modem and max I got was 30 mbs.  this has been a know problem at rogers and they have not said anything.  this is a very poor service

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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds

Good morning @grgffggdgfdgfdg, @gbowering, @mapplewh!


If you're encountering slow speeds such as this, you've come to the right place for help. We'd like to run some diagnostics for you so that we can get to the bottom of this issue.


Please send us a PM @CommunityHelps about your concern and we will be happy to look at the situation.

if you are not familiar with the PM process, you can find the instructions here.






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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds

Rogers is a HUGE rip off and though I have been loyal for over 10 years, this is the final tipping point, unless they somehow turn around this extremely slow internet issue. 


I upgraded from 500MBps to 1Gig in May 2020 but the highest I can get directly connected to the Hitron CODA 4582 Modem is 190MBps!!!!! This is with nothing else connected to the modem and wifi disabled. It has been degrading over time but from January 11th 2021 to now, I have experiencing slow internet speeds severely impacting me working from home because attending meetings (Zoom, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp audio), keeps freezing the audio, video or both for 5 seconds every few minutes.


The modem has been replace 3 times and the connection from the house to the pole also replaced 3 times, due to internet connections dropping every couple weeks, but this has stabilized now after filing a complaint. 


Talked to two Rogers technicians about the recent speed issues and the following was done:

  • Rebooted modem and directly connected MacBook Pro to the modem top port with a Cat 6 cable and tested speed
  • Modem was factory reset, disconnected all other devices and tested speed 
  • Escalated to supervisor after the first technician went dead for 10 minutes and was not answering me
  • Supervisor wanted to send a technician onsite but finally after explaining all that i have gone through and the fact that I have never gotten the speed I have been paying for from May 2020 to now, the ticket has been escalated and they should get back to me within 48 hours
  • House internal network is Ubiquiti Unifi with UAP-AC-Pro access points on each floor, two network switches US-8-60W and 7 x Cat 6 wired ethernet ports


I believe Rogers is ripping me off by charging me for 1 Gig but only provisioning me with 200MBps. 


If anyone has any suggestions on what else can be causing this, I would greatly appreciate it. 


If this is not fixed within 48 hours, I will file a complaint to the office and if that does not get the issue resolved, I will do like others within this forum and just SWITCH TO BELL  (Though with COVID-19, I do not want anyone coming into the house).

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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds

My neighbour just switched from Bell to Rogers 2 weeks ago because of the slow internet. I think the congestion with covid is causing internet issues with all providers