Rogers Hitron CGN3 - NEW FIRMWARE -

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Re: :: Rogers Hitron CGN3 - NEW FIRMWARE - ::

OK, well I take it all (mostly?) back.


Despite the fact that my CGN3 was indeed updated less than 24 hours after I had the positive experience with the online chat rep, today I got a text message from Rogers (I elected to be notified by SMS) to apologize for the delay in dealing with my issue, and to say that Rogers was still working on the ticket and thanking me for my patience.


In other words, they can't even have gotten to it yet or they would realize the problem no longer exists and the firmware is now current.


Either that ot they are scratching their heads trying to figure out why I opened a ticket when there is no problem lol.


You just can't help but shake your head ....

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Re: :: Rogers Hitron CGN3 - NEW FIRMWARE - ::



I understand your frustration with their tech support - The fact of the matter is, their tech support structuarlly designed to cater to the most novice of users. That's why you have "auto-push" firmware updates, Gateway devices instead of modems, ridiculous support people who know next to nothing from your point of view. They are all designed to help the "are you sure your cable is plugged in" crowd.


Having said that, I think with patients, things tend to work out - This firmware push that you received is a good example - I don't think it's true that they can't push firmware to you per se, but a lot their help desk people don't have access to the latest firmware. I've spoken to a tech before who was able to push something to the modem and do a reset. The modem version changed, but not to the latest. So many other factors come into play when you're dealing with these things as well. Where is the firmware being pushed from? Is it a server that just takes care of a specific geographic area? If so, did that 'server' receive the update too?


So yes, to you nobody knows what is going on and everything is a chaotic mess. It's because you in this case someone who knows these things are the outlier. you're the 1%, and their system is not designed to deal with you.


I think the only real criticism that I can actually dish out is that the path to talk to someone who actually knows more of the technical aspects of their setup is obscured to the point of non-exsistence, so that if there was something critial that required immediate response, there is noone other than the standard channels to talk to.


Anyhow, perspecitve is everything. It was pushed down to your modem exactly as people said it would. It took awhile, and now you have it. 





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Re: :: Rogers Hitron CGN3 - NEW FIRMWARE - ::



I agree and usually I am actually a pretty patient and very understanding person. The diversity of issues they have to deal with must be mind boggling and to survive they HAVE to cater to the masses. I get that.


What really bothers me, and you put your finger right on it, is that it is difficult if not impossible to get though to the ones who can actually help you.


An example: Off topic (sorry) but last fall I had an incident where Rogers screwed up my account billing and in order to fix the problem they had to consolidate my internet and cable account that had somehow gotten "unattached". To do so they had to disconnect my e-mail accounts and re-establish them. They said it would be an easy switch and no down time.


Well what they failed to note is that once my e-mail accounts were down, I could not email in to verify some details so now I was without e-mail and no way to fix it short of BIG intervention from the back-end. This was 3 days before my daughter was getting married and her e-mail was one of the addresses affected and this was a disaster of the worst possible timing. I valiantly tried to get them to expedite under the circumstances (they created the problem after all, not me!) and in the end I finally managed to get to talk to a top supervisor from the management team who I assumed could help me to get this into some priority sequence. However, he was rude and unhelpful and basically said they would get to it when they get to it and there was no priority they coulkd give and no way to expedite. I suggested that if it was an "important" person they had screwed up they would find a way to get him/her to the top of the priority list.


Mr. Supervisor/Mangement team member was not prepared to lift a finger to help only saying that it would get fixed as the ticket came up in the queue and that was it. And if it took a week (their estimate) it would take a week. Tough luck to me....


Next day, I called into tech support to see the progress if any, and got a knowledgeable and helpful guy (luck of the draw) who looked at the situation, said he could not understand what all the fuss was about and said the fix was actually EASY and the problem should never have happened at all - i.e someone screwed up - duh - and he simply transferred all of my previous account into the newly created account, transferred over my e-mail addresses to the new account and all was fine inside of TWO MINUTES!


Days later I got an automated mesage to say the ticket was being closed since they could not identify any problem!


This is why I have little or no faith in the support structure. I have just dealt with far too many who have had no clue what they are doing - and that goes all the way up to supervisors on the management team. 


It remains shocking to me how a company that is all about leading edge technology can be so technologically inept so much of the time.



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Re: :: Rogers Hitron CGN3 - NEW FIRMWARE - ::

Its really a roll of the dice.. one person could be barely knoledgable... but if you luck out and find a rare good one, they can fix it, know what to do, in like 5 seconds.



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Re: Rogers Hitron CGN3 - NEW FIRMWARE -

Hey everyone,


I found this thread as I recently upgraded from the 35Mbps Extreme Plus plan to the 150Mbps Hybrid Fiber plan, and in doing so had to switch out my modem to the new CGN3 which has the latest firmware installed.  Originally, not being extremely technically savvy, I set it up the way I've used all previous modems; I would disable wireless on the modem itself, plug in my Linksys E4200 router, and plug away.  At first, I was really happy- my speedtest showed consistently 190-200Mbps download and 14-16Mbps upload speeds.


I started to notice consistent issues though when I used the internet on a daily basis.  I'm a frequent at-home VPN user and I'd keep getting disconnected/kicked from my Citrix app, an issue that I never had previously.  The internet was still "connected", but it seemed to stutter every so often and hang for 30 seconds to a minute and then just start working again.  Working on a presentation, etc, and having to reconnect using my RSA login became very frustrating.  Even watching videos, playing games became a chore due to intermittent hanging and high latency.


I found this thread and switched the CGN3 to bridge mode, since I was using my own router anyways.  This completely stabilized the internet.  Unfortunately, I found that after a certain amount of time (between 1-2 days), it would stop working altogether.  I checked my router settings and it seemed as though it had no IP address, guessing that some sort of issue or incompatability prevented the DHCP lease renew.


So here's what I was thinking:

1- Pick up a new router, which I didn't really want to do as I'd had no problems in the past...  My router isn't the latest and greatest but even at 190-200Mbps the internet connection is still my bottleneck, not the router (on 5Ghz)

2- Mac address cloning.  I read that this could fix some incompatability issues.  I tried to clone my computer's Mac address in my router's setting.  Now I don't know why, but as soon as I enabled Mac address cloning, my speedtests dropped to exactly half what they were previously, in the 90-100Mbps range.  Upload speed wasn't impacted and remained at 15Mbps.  I know that Mac address cloning isn't supposed to impact speed at all (given what I read from other threads), but for me, it did.  I confirmed this several times as I'd do a factory reset and change only 1 setting at a time just for troubleshooting purposes.  A quick "disable" of the Mac address cloning would shoot me right to 190-200Mbps.

3- On a whim, I changed the setting on my Linksys E4200 router "Client Lease Time" under Basic Setup, DHCP Server Settings.  On a Factory Reset, Linksys defaults this to 0, and in the settings it says "0 means one day".  I thought that whatever incompatability could be causing something else to interpret the 0 as an actual 0, instead of the one day.  So I changed this value to 9999 (it ends up going to a 2-day lease, so I'm not sure if there's a more optimal value here than 9999).


It has now been over a week after trying #3 above and I haven't even had a slight issue with the internet since.  Everything's super-smooth, I'm still getting 190-200Mbps speed tests, I haven't had a single disconnect.


Anyways, I'm not sure if my equipment was just acting up, but I wanted to share my experience in the event someone was having the same problem as it was quite frustrating for me.

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Re: Rogers Hitron CGN3 - NEW FIRMWARE -


Can anyone confirm what color the light is supposed to be on the ethernet port on the back? I have it plugged into a brand new Time Capsule which is gigabit ethernet WAN port. I have the CGN3 in bridged mode and it has the latest and greatest firmware.  


I just upgraded to Hybrid 150 plan on Saturday from my old Extreme Plus plan. It's definitely slower.  Of course if I go to the Rogers specheck site it is "fast" but if I go to say site which has been fairly accurate for me, it's way slower.  


Anyone else have this setup with the CGN3 and an Apple Time Capsule:

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Re: Rogers Hitron CGN3 - NEW FIRMWARE -

@shamusom wrote:


Can anyone confirm what color the light is supposed to be on the ethernet port on the back? I have it plugged into a brand new Time Capsule which is gigabit ethernet WAN port. I have the CGN3 in bridged mode and it has the latest and greatest firmware.  

Mine has a blinking orange light on the back and a solid green light in the front, it seems...


What modem did you have before? Not the CGN3 I'm guessing?

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Re: Rogers Hitron CGN3 - NEW FIRMWARE -

Compared to most industry standard.. on the CGN3 10/100 is green, and orange for 10/100/1000 (gigabit)


I have never used that test site myself... just did from work..
(YIKES.. it downloads/uploads a HUGE amount of data.. dont want to run that too often.. eat up usage.)

I am not sure how accurate the site is... I am on 100/100 direct fiber into the building.. and can test just about anywhere, at close to that.... and this site shows my upload at barely 30.


The rogers speed test, is a good FIRST test.  it will show you what your speed between YOU and the rogers network is.  This means, that there are no problems at your house level, local rogers nodes, etc.. which could be slowing you down.

Beyond that.. you can go off of other speed tests... but they all may have things which may slow down results. 
As ones say like, there are no rogers servers listed... that you are jumping from one network to another to get the results, there are always points where the speed could slow down.


Futher away, more number of hops, etc.. the more latency, and speed drop you are likely to see.


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Re: Rogers Hitron CGN3 - NEW FIRMWARE -

Is the CGN3 supposed to support 6RD? Or any other IPV6 for that matter?

  I could find nothing on any of the screens to admit to that.    Mine is brand new and is the latest firmware.


Does it need Rogers to log onto it with the superuser password to enable  IPV6 setup screen(s)


It doesn't matter as I have just turned off gateway mode and my trusty Dlink 868 is doing all the work but I am sure I read somewhere that it was a full function device.

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Re: Rogers Hitron CGN3 - NEW FIRMWARE -

All of the rogers units.. have a TON of features that they COULD use.. but alot of its turned off.

All in all, those capabilities, are much weaker, compared to the same things in a 3rd party router.


6rd, last i knew, worked on a pc bassis though.
(though the rogers ipv6 site seems to be not there anymore)