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I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers Gaming & Streaming Lab

"Teredo is unable to qualify" Xbox live multiplayer on PC connection issues with Windows 10


Hi , and thank you for your help looking into this.


I have been trying to play  Forza Horizon 4 online using Xbox Game Pass on my pc. I have a direct connection through an ethernet cable and speed test show 60ms latency over 300 Mbps upload and 14 Mbps  speeds. 


The 2 errors I received when do test on Xbox Networking settings is as follows. 


NAT Type

"Teredo unable to qualify. this could block you from playing multiplayer games. Click here for more info"


Server connectivity

"Blocked... This could block you from playing multiplayer games Click here for more info"


I completed the troubleshooting steps I could find on these pages but with no luck. 


Any help would be appreciated. Here are my PC specs


Windows 10 Home 64 bit

Processor Intel Core i5-4670K CPU @ 3.4GHz

8 GB DDR3 Ram

Radeon RX 570 Series with 8gb dedicated video card memory. 

Gigabyte Z87X-D3H ATX LGA1150 Z87 DDR3 3PCI-E16 3PCI-E1 HDMI CrossFireX/SLI SATA3 USB3.0 Motherboard

the game installed and running off of a Samsung SSD 860 EVO


Thank you

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Gaming & Streaming Lab

We have been with Rogers for about 5 years now (5 years ago we swapped from Bell). Back then the requirement for better internet in gaming/streaming wasn't as intense as it is now. For 2 years I have been back and forth with live chat, twitter support and phone support agents trying to find fixes, these come back as "We couldn't find anything, it all looks fine on our end. Or the most famous one, there is nothing we can do with the evidence you showed us".

When it comes to streaming most sites have to buffer even at 480p but on a good day we don't have this issue. On bad days the video won't even load at its lowest quality setting so we have to watch tv or dvds as its dead.

Currently when gaming on any platform there is major bufferbloat, ping spikes from ranges of 33-300, and packet loss which makes games unplayable (freezes and has to catch back up, unable to move, stuff happening that we don't see on my end). Most of these issues come and go but they are persistent to the point where you would feel like you are playing on European servers due to the delay at times (getting shot around walls, and the kill cams show you were out in the open "But I'm on 33 ping on east coast servers". 


google ping.PNGaverage test.PNGrogersdc.pnginterTEST.PNG


Basic information about our usage and network:

  • We game/stream on mobile phone, PS4 and PC
  • Streaming services like netflix, youtube, twitch and spotify
  • We pay for 500 down and 50 up
  • The modem is a Coda-4582
  • 2 smart tvs, 1 desktop gaming pc, 2 phones, a chrome book, a tablet, a ps4 and a nintendo switch are on the network

Games where the issues occur:

  • League of Legends
  • Any Call Of Duty Game
  • Overwatch
  • Fortnite
  • PubG
  • Apex Legends
  • Destiny 2
  • Diablo 3
  • Monster Hunter World
  • Hero Wars
  • Minecraft
  • Many more that i shouldn't have to list




Downstream Overview Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID Signal noise ratio (dB)1609000000QAM256-1.0001040.9462849000000QAM2561.599240.9463855000000QAM2561.400340.9464861000000QAM2561.500440.3665579000000QAM256-1.000540.9466585000000QAM256-1.000640.3667591000000QAM256-1.000740.3668597000000QAM256-1.099840.3669603000000QAM256-0.799940.36610279000000QAM256-1.799140.36611615000000QAM256-0.7001140.94612621000000QAM256-0.5991240.94613633000000QAM256-0.2001340.94614639000000QAM256-0.5991440.94615645000000QAM256-0.2001540.36616651000000QAM256-0.0991640.94617657000000QAM256-0.0991740.36618663000000QAM256-0.0991840.36619669000000QAM2560.2991940.94620675000000QAM2560.2992040.36621681000000QAM2560.5002140.94622687000000QAM2560.2992240.94623693000000QAM2560.2992340.36624699000000QAM2560.0002440.36625705000000QAM256-0.0992540.36626711000000QAM2560.0002640.36627717000000QAM256-0.2992740.36628723000000QAM256-0.4002840.94629825000000QAM2561.5992940.94630831000000QAM2561.5993040.36631837000000QAM2562.0003140.94632843000000QAM2561.7993240.366OFDM Downstream Overview Receiver FFT type Subcarr 0 Frequency(MHz) PLC locked NCP locked MDC1 locked PLC power(dBmv)0NANANONONONA14K275600000YESYESYES-1.500000Upstream Overview Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID Bandwidth13059600064QAM46.0203640000023699600064QAM45.5204640000032210000064QAM44.7601320000042530000064QAM45.5102320000050QAM_NONE----160000060QAM_NONE----160000070QAM_NONE----160000080QAM_NONE----1600000



Channel Index State lin Digital Att Digital Att BW (sc's*fft) Report Power Report Power1_6 FFT Size0DISABLED0.00000.00000.00000.00000.00002K1DISABLED0.00000.00000.00000.00000.00002K





If anymore info is required let me know and I can try to provide it.

I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers Gaming & Streaming Lab

I'm an Affiliate streamer on Twitch, and lately my internets upload speed hasn't been the best.  I have the Ignite 300, speedtests are always good but when I do a Twitch Bandwidth Test their just really bad for some reason.  I've checked numerous times for driver updates and such, restarted and even factory reset my router/modem and nothing seems to have improved.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I'm always willing to run more tests and such to make this work, and even if you have a Twitch account I'll definitely Follow lol

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Re: Rogers Gaming & Streaming Lab

Welcome to the Community @DarkCrusade6 & thank you for your post!


Experiencing upload issues can be frustrating but we appreciate your willingness to run tests and troubleshoot with us!


We replied to your private message and we'll continue to assist you through PM. Thanks! 🙂