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Rogers Business Web Hosting

I am overhauling a web site for a friend who is on Rogers Business Hosting, and trying to gauge how much we can do with this service. On first glance it looks pretty comprehensive; the portal contains a number of site management tools such as FTP manager, phyMyAdmin, SSH manager, etc. However it seems that they are somewhat broken; for example, I can open phpMyAdmin but there does not seem to be any way to create a database. As another example, in SSH manager I can set a username and password, but the actual shell server address that it gives me does not respond to secure shell login requests. Does any one have experience with Rogers Business Hostnig that they can share? Can any one shed any light on this?


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Re: Rogers Business Web Hosting


Hello, @sasoriza


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Thank you for joining and posting your query in the Community. Smiley Happy


I suggest reaching out to our business support and browse through the business forum for all the answers and support.


Thank you for understanding.