Rocket Modem and Asus RT-N-12 router

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Re: Rocket Modem and Asus RT-N-12 router


Your downstream signal levels are high, but from the results that you are getting from a speedtest, I'm not going to ask you to do anything about them for now.  Normally they are around 0 dBmV, but having them higher, and not much higher than they are now should be ok.  The downstream signl to noise ratios are good as are the upstream signal levels.  Over time, usually several years, as the external cable and connectors age, the signal losses through that cable increase and the downstream levels drop.  The upstream levels increase as the modem compensates for that signal loss.  So, where the signal levels are now should be ok for years to come.


The other recommendation would be to change the wifi network names to something other than Rogers_xxx.  Changing it to something that includes random characters, numbers and symbols will make your network encryption harder to crack.  As one usually never has to key that name into anything, I fill the space, all 32 characters, all random.  I insert a 2 or 5 somewhere so that I know which network I'm looking at.  I do the same for the passphrase, which can be a pain to key into something like an Ipod, but, once again that makes it harder to crack.  


If I lose you in the technical mumbo jumbo please let me know and I'll come up with an explanation that is easier to understand. 

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Re: Rocket Modem and Asus RT-N-12 router

Thanks very much Datalink, I was just in the process of changing my network names and passwords now. I probably just leave everything as it is, I am not going to bother getting anohter router  or mucking around with the settings. So far the wife is happy, the kids are happy and I am quite sastified, no more watching the bandwidth and trying to sort out who overused bandwidth etc.. overall this was a good learning experience! 

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Re: Rocket Modem and Asus RT-N-12 router

Modem cgn3acsmr Wireless Clients List missing IP address



I just setup my RT-N12 D1 router as a repeater

But the original IP to access my RT-N12 D1 ( no longer works

The cgn3acsmr Modem has my router a a client and it works but it does not show the IP assigned to it

I need that IP to access my router


(Picture removed for containing personal info, Mac Addresses - RogersTony)


Modem cgn3acsmr Wireless Clients List.png

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Re: Rocket Modem and Asus RT-N-12 router

Hello, @lemigar


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for posting your query in the Community. The assigned IP addresses are listed under Connected Devices in the Basic/LAN Setup tab. Your Asus router may be listed as "unknown". If you want to assign it a specific IP you can do it through the DHCP Reservation found under the same Basic/LAN Setup tab.  


Let us know if you need further assistance in finding the router's IP address. 




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rocket Modem and Asus RT-N-12 router

Thanks RogersMoin


I tried it twice but it really made a mess with my modem, lost connection to other devices

I went back to simply use the Standard mode

Thanks again