Robo call about a virus

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Robo call about a virus

Hi, I've just received a robo call from "Rogers" ??? about one of my computers being infected with a virus. The message indicated that my service may be suspended, and that there are more details in my email inbox. Can't find said email so I'm assuming that this is some phishing scam. Confirm please.

PS. On hold with Rogers for the last 25 mins...


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Re: Robo call about a virus

Hey @Robak


Doesn't sound like a phishing scam but always good to be safe. Have you checked junk folder?

Your contact email address on file is where the email goes to, just in case you have multiple email accounts.




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Robo call about a virus

After 2 hours on the phone with Rogers and then Techxperts I'm told it is a SNMP issue that they don't know how to fix. I have now 2 options: 1.wait until my service is suspended 2.Find another ISP

As I depend on an internet connection for my work I suppose that I have to pick option 2 ?

Unacceptable treatment of a long time, loyal customer!!!!!!

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Re: Robo call about a virus

Switching providers, may not actually help.. if they monitor for the same sorts of things.

Usually in the cases of those robocalls, etc.. its that there is a machine somewhere on the network, spaming out SNMP packets.

USUALLY this is caused by some device trying to discover everything on the network for some reason continually... or MALWARE on a device.

A full cleaning on all PCs for not just virus's but malware.

Make sure to reboot all devices.. just in case something is stuck in some sort of loop.
Reboot the modem as well.

MOST people usually after doing these, usually dont get suspended... there have been a few on here who have said they still did (Weither they actually scanned all, etc.. i dont know.)

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Robo call about a virus

Thanks, that is a lot more info than I got from Rogers Tech Support, Techxperts, and online support combined.


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