Resolver Issues in Hamilton

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Resolver Issues in Hamilton

 So I've been on live chat and phone support numerous times, each time waiting for 20+ minutes. Only once after waiting 20 minutes did I finally get through to someone on live chat and they couldn't help.


Hamiltons DC on Hester is having DNS resolver issues where I am unable to resolve any hostnames. It lasts for 30 seconds to a couple minutes. I've flushed my own DNS, reset my modem, as well as have confirmed I can ping the IP address of the (various) domains in question. This has been ahppening for over a week without resolution or any phone/live chat support.



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Re: Resolver Issues in Hamilton

Hello @tylormyers,


Welcome to the Community Forums.


There are no known DNS issues presently reported in the Hamilton Region.


Since you have already tried a DNS flush, have you also tried:


  • Reset your browser settings.
  • Made sure your DNS settings on your NIC are set to automatic.
  • Are you using a 3rd party router?  If so, have you checked to ensure it has the most recent firmware?


I'd also like to invite a couple of our Resident Experts to assist with this.  @Gdkitty@Datalink@Meowmix, anything else you can think of?




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Resolver Issues in Hamilton



1. Yes, the issue occurs across multiple browsers.

2. Yes, my NIC is configured to use DHCP and your resolvers.

3. No, this is the router+modem supplied by your company.



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Re: Resolver Issues in Hamilton

Have you tried using Google DNS and Open DNS?

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Re: Resolver Issues in Hamilton

I was going to suggest the same.  I've always used OpenDNS and never had any problems.  There have been complaints regarding the performance of Rogers DNS in the past, but its been a long time since I've seen any further complaints.  Personally I'd go with OpenDNS or Google, even if only as a test to see if that resolve the issue.  At least you would know if its an issue with your equipment or with DNS resolution, regardless of which service you select.  In that case, it would point to something else like a cable signal issue. 


Open DNS


Google DNS