Re-access terminated email account?

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Re-access terminated email account?

 Hey twitter account is linked to an old email address with rogers.  Checked every which way and am told that the only way to keep and reactivate my twitter account is to click on link sent to email address that was associated with twitter account ( email that no longer exists??)


so question is...Is there anyway I can re-access this account just to click on link sent to it from twitter?  HELP


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Re: Re-access terminated email account?

hello y'll


If your account is associated with buiness account then try making changes in profile settings under buiness services and you will be able to change the username over there.



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Re: Re-access terminated email account?

Good evening @Pauline-smarts,


Thank you for your post & Welcome to the Forums!  


Sorry for the late reply Smiley Embarassed 

Unfortunately, terminated email addresses cannot be accessed. 

However, if it has been less than 90 days since the deactivation of your account, it can be migrated to a address. 


If it has been more than 3 months since your account was canceled, there is a possibility that the email address in question cannot be retrieved. There might be other resources

Click here to access Twitter Support for account reactivation.


Hope this helps!



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Re: Re-access terminated email account?

My father inadvertently removed my still-used email address from his account thinking it was idle. I've tried to access the mail account and I either get 


Could Not Connect

Description: Could not connect to the requested server host.




Sorry, we don't recognize this email.


In either case, I am unable to acess the email account.



I thought I could recreate the account instead but it says the same email address is already in use.


I assume it must still be around for some time before ultimately being deleted. I haven't found any recovery method or anything but I'm hoping there is a way to reverse the deletion or, at least, reuse the same email address so I won't need to update all my online accounts associated with that email.


Any help or advice would be appreciated.



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Re: Re-access terminated email account?

I believe you are right, that it sort of black lists it for a while.. so it cant just be immediately taken by someone else.



I dont think there is an automated way of doing it..

The best bet, would be to call into tech support, and see if they are able to do it from there.

Now, that if its on your FATHERS rogers account.. likely it will have to be HIM calling in.  Or at least, you with him.. IE: he calls in, verifies the account, etc.. then passes it onto you to do the actual work with the support person.



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Re: Re-access terminated email account?

Just a note to update this thread. Previously it was stated that a terminated rogers email could be converted to a yahoo account. Since the migration of email credentials to rogers servers, this is no longer possible. Terminated email address can still be reactivated on the same active internet account, or moved to another active internet account with both account holders permission. Delays are to be expected as of this date as there is still some fine tuning to be completed with the tools.



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Re: Re-access terminated email account?

Just signing in to update