Question for Suspend Internet Usage

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Question for Suspend Internet Usage

I would like to setup access to my home internet to stop for a certain period time at night and then restart.  I have a teenager that stays up to late on the internet.  Something like stop internet from 11PM to 6AM.  If it can be targeted at a device, that would be better.  I have a Hitron cable modem from Rogers.






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Re: Question for Suspend Internet Usage

@jb43  If you have the Cisco Easy Connect software, comes on a USB stick, you are able to get into the parental controls - I don't generally use it, so haven't looked into it in detail.



You can do limited restrictions through the parental controls - you set a password on that access.


It is set at the device level for days and hours of day.


Within the security settings, you can also manage access to device (both ways are by MAC address for the network adapter in the device).


I can't walk you through the connect key (I have misplaced mine long ago).


In the router admin pages - first log in with cusadmin and your set password.

If you need assistance with this, you can contact Rogers support, they may be able to help you.


From the security tab -> Device Filter -> You will see a list of all devices attached

Click the manage button for all adapters on the device (there may be an Ethernet connection, a 2.4 Ghz connection, and a 5.0 Ghz connection


When you select Manage, you will have a dialog box open, click to manage the device and save.



At the bottom of the security tab, you will see a section for managing devices.

You want to add a device to the last section.


Change setting for manage all day to no

You then can choose days of week and times of restricted access.


As a side note, you may have tried this, but I now have grown adult children, and we just negotiated time of use of Internet, and if they weren't followed, we would then go to the above type tools and begin cutting back further, and in one case only, actually removed the devices.


Just a thought.


If you really want to do it well, you probably want to add a higher level router with adaptive firewall and access controls - most middle range routers are on the level of levels of restriction of corporate routers and firewalls.


You just bridge the gateway to the router.


Good luck.


As a parent, I have been through it.




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Re: Question for Suspend Internet Usage

I tried using my easy connect software that I ran into, but unfortunately, I could not get it to connect, so gave up.


Then I noticed that in the admin screens of the GUI of the modem, the guest account is now there, as well as the time restrictionos on devices, so there really is nothing that the Easy Connect did that cannot be done in the admin pages. A quick look at a help document on Rogers support, I found that everything that was in the easy connect software, you can do from the admin pages now.


If you need assistance, you can ask here, but best to contact Rogers support and let them walk you through it, as they can see your modem while you are working on the settings.


Not even sure the easy connect key works anymore (it was a Cisco product originally, I have used it on the Hitron in the past, but I can't get it to connect via my adapter to the Internet anymore.


Again, Good luck,  Bruce


I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Question for Suspend Internet Usage

Thanks for the help. I will look into tonight.