Question about Coax wiring of newly bought home

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Re: Question about Coax wiring of newly bought home

Hello again! The technician installed RG 6 and the modem is directly connected to it. He also said he checked the signal strengths and that they are good. The modem is the white one on this site

When I call technical support they said they didn’t see anything wrong. Still getting 200-300 mbps download and 10+ upload. I also have a case number but the technical support representative kept saying nothing is wrong.

I would certainly not want to pay for a gigabit package to get this. And I do need the full upload and download speeds

Thanks in advance!
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Resident Expert
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Re: Question about Coax wiring of newly bought home

A lot of stuff here is kinda irrelevant to the original poster. As a potential rogers customer with an older home you should not have to worry about what kind of wiring is in your house.

Rogers professional installation will take care of the basic installation and run a new RG6 wire in your home right up to the modem if there is no existing wire or the existing wire is of RG59 grade.

Both of my homes I owned did not have the correct or sufficient rogers cabling and in both cases Rogers was willing to run a new RG6 cable wire right up to the modem.

Mind you, the installation they provide is a basic installation, they dont do fishing of wires, they will run it along the baseboards and door trims if needed. If you are not comfortable with that, you can get a professional installation, however professional installations cost money and rogers wont do it so you would have to hire your own contractor to fish the wires behind your walls if u want a nice clean installation.