Post IPv6 3rd Party Router Recommendations for XBox One

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Post IPv6 3rd Party Router Recommendations for XBox One

Hey everyone,


Wondering what 3rd party routers people who previously experienced major multiplayer issues are currently using in the GTA for a successful XBox One multiplayer experience.


I read someone had success with the ASUS AC3100, but $299 is a lot to spend on a router for casual gameplay.


I've been experiencing the same problems as everyone lately -- major multiplayer issues using CGN3ACSMR. These issues are not strictly IPv6-related since many were experienced prior to IPv6 support on XBox One. Of course I've spent days with Rogers, Microsoft, EA trying to identify the issue nevermind solve the problem.


It's a wired connection, and I've tried numerous Hitrons, uPnP enable/disable, port-forwarding, rest MAC address, DMZ... you name it I've probably tried it.




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Re: Post IPv6 3rd Party Router Recommendations for XBox One


Hello, @RabbiGlickman


Thank you for posting your query.


@Community - Please chime in with your recommendations of 3rd party routers for XBox One multiplayer experience. 




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Re: Post IPv6 3rd Party Router Recommendations for XBox One



I've always trusted and have had great luck with Asus products for routers and really anything they make. All their new units support IPv6 and then from there you'll want to line up features that apply to you such as gigabit ports, dual band WiFi or even dedicated processors for each band of WiFi. 


There's many options to choice from but best to do some serching online to see what people think of different makes or models. I personally have had the Asus RT-AC87U for about 2 years now with out any issues and has amazing coverage and speed connected with the Rogers Gigabit service using Cat6 lines.



Hope this helps you out