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Port Forwarding(port 25) on Ignite modem

I've been around

I have an ignite modem and would like to forward port 25. I want to have my own email server for my own domain. Is this possible or is port 25 blocked for use?




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Re: Port Forwarding(port 25) on Ignite modem

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I believe that port 25 is blocked on Rogers residential Internet services.  Even if it was not, operating a server is prohibited in the Terms of Service:


Prohibited Activities
Without limitation, you may not use (or allow anyone else to use) our Services to:

xvi. operate a server in connection with the Services, including, without limitation, mail, news, file, gopher, telnet, chat, Web, or host configuration servers, multimedia streamers or multi-user interactive forums;


If you need to operate your own email server, perhaps you should consider using a hosting service or switch to a Business Internet service.

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