POP3 email issues

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Re: POP3 email issues

hello,  pop.nl.rogers.com is probably a valid rogers mail server but the nl in the name tells me its intended for rogers atlantic clients who live in newfound land, nl = newfoundland. if you reside in ontario like the rest of us, then that server should NOT be used. i too am a rogers customer but dont have the mail server name since i do not use their isp email but i could definitely search for it for you.


Secondly, I STRONGLY STRONGLY advise to use imap over pop3.  pop3 is very old technology, its there because its grandfathered, but its definitely outdated and has limitations, most people read their emial on multiple devices, imap is designed for that, i have been using imap for my personal non rogers email for like more than the last decade now and its been great.