Noob Help - Setting up an Asus AC-3200 as a Wireless AP

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Noob Help - Setting up an Asus AC-3200 as a Wireless AP

I have a spare Asus router lying around and would like to use it to extend my Wifi out to the car.  How do I set it up with the CODA?  From what I've garnered so far, I need to change the Asus to AP mode in the settings but apart from that I'm lost as to how to connect the Asus to the CODA so I can get into settings to do this.


Any and all help is appreciated.


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Re: Noob Help - Setting up an Asus AC-3200 as a Wireless AP

@X-Nemesis  in its original configuration the router will be operating full router mode.  If you simply connect to the router with a pc (ethernet is preferred) you can determine the address of the router by running an 




... command at a command prompt.  Look for the gateway IP address in the data.  Then use that to log into the modem.  Set the modem up as required in full router mode and when you have everything set, flip the modem into Access Point mode.  That setting is located in the ADMIN .... OPERATION MODE tab.  When that setting is selected and the change is saved, reboot the router and then connect it to the rest of the network as you would normally.  This is assuming that you have the CODA-4582 running in Gateway mode.


I believe that the default IP address for the router is, so you could try that first, or run a router reset and then you should be able to use that IP address to log into the router.  


Your router is a far superior router compared to the 4582.  Why use the 4582 to run the network instead of the router?  Just curious.


With the router in Access Point mode, to log back into it I'd disconnect it from the rest of the network and then restart the router, pull the power and plug it back in again to force a restart.  Then use the ipconfig/all command from a connected pc to determine the gateway IP address again.  It might be, but, that's just a guess.  It would make sense to revert to the default as it wouldn't have a modem or router ahead of it to issue an IP address.


The change to Access Point mode should disable the firewall and DHCP server, as the modem or router ahead of the Access Point will be supplying those for the network.