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Non-ISP Related Streaming tips?

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee

Thought I would post this piece because a lot of people blame the ISP for streaming issues.


If the device you are streaming with is getting consistant download speeds of 10 to 20 mbps download and your video is buffering, the problem is not with your internet provider. Video buffering can be caused by the streaming service provider who will limited your bandwidth during peak hours or they may be having server issues at the time. Your device may buffer if the processor is not fast enough, or is lacking ram or storage space.


Reducing the quality of the video stream can improve buffering as it will use a lot less data for the same amount of video that you are viewing. If wireless, keeping the streaming device and the wireless router as close as possible to each other may improve streaming. Most wifi modems have a feature called QoS (quality of service) which is not supported that can improve the bandwidth for certain internet traffic by reducing bandwidth for other usage. You can look this up and try making changes on your own.


I stream daily at home, but even on a wired (ethernet) connection, I can have issues that are not ISP related. Such as title loading to 25% and sitting there forever. I'll stop the title and reload and it starts right away.

Getting audio starting before the video. Again, not ISP related, just netflix. I may not get the buffering that some users get, but then I would refer you to the first piece of my post. Your rogers high speed tech support can help you optimise your wifi but since we are dealing with radio signals, there are limitations.


There are more powerful wifi routers available that can increase your signal strength and reduce interferance than can be provided when a modem and router are combined into one unit.


Re: Non-ISP Related Streaming tips?


Thanks for the post @borford!


If anyone else wants to contribute their own tips, feel free to pitch in!



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