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Node repair timeline...

I Plan to Stick Around

So last nght I finally got a tech to open a ticket for the slow uploads in the evening. She asked me to reboot the modem and then said my node has to be repaired based on the reboot. (shrug)


However, she  couldn't provide a timeline. She just said I'd get a phone call once it is fixed.

Has anyone here gone through this, how long did it take? 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months?




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Re: Node repair timeline...

I'm a Senior Advisor

@yyzsam  Keep track of all your calls you received and made and discussions, and when this is all fixed, or even while waiting, contact them and discuss compensation for out of service duration.


Some people have had success in asking.  It is always worth asking.

Hope your service gets back up soon.



Re: Node repair timeline...

I Plan to Stick Around

Just got a call that "problem" has been fixed.


Won't know until tonight, fingers crossed.

Re: Node repair timeline...

your lucky , our area has a node issue since Dec 2016 and still not fixed, when it comes to around 4pm - 12am internet sucks big time and still rogers takes 3 months + to fix the issue what a joke

Re: Node repair timeline...

I Plan to Stick Around

I received a message that they rebuild my node, and when asked what that meant...was it Software/Equipment at the Headend or Physical Street work.....they couldn't or wouldn't say.  This was 4 days ago.....but no difference in Speed. So I don't know what they did to rebuild my node....but it ain't working.    

Re: Node repair timeline...

I Plan to Stick Around

I'm not holding my breath.


Yesterday support said they would escalate it since its been open for a couple of weeks. Today I get a call saying it is fixed.


Me and a few neighbors will be testing tonigth and will back on support if it isn't.

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