Node Congestion

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I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Node Congestion

Bro, this couldn't be more accurate.


The best news has come up recently and that Wightman Telecom will be investing 50+ Million $ in TRUE fibre to the house for the entire infrastructure in my town. 


This is all I can hope for or pray something still happens in August regarding the node segregation.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Node Congestion

The last few weeks - once or twice a day - we lose connection to all devices in the house for about a minute or two - and then it goes back. During that time all devices show as connected - the modem is flashing properly as if it is working - but nothing is working. Happens every day at least once - sometimes in middle of day and sometimes late at night. Frustrating as we lose zoom connection - or a whatsapp call etc. I am paying for 500 service - with Hitron modem - so top of line - but lately the service is awful. Rogers tech support noticed there is congested node in my area - so said will create ticket - but does anyone think that is the issue?

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Node Congestion

I loose connection multiple times a day. Sometimes it's for a few seconds. Sometimes it's a minute. Regardless, everything dies (Online meetings; YouTube Streaming; all my google devices go offline, etc).  Then a few seconds later everything comes back. It's so aggravating.


I've tried to have a continuous Ping running on my computer to keep an eye on it, and I see it drop packets randomly throughout the day when everything goes out.


Rogers is terrible. Tech Support actually said to me "It even happens to me sir; there are a lot of people home using internet these days."