No Internet & WiFi - DNS Issue?

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No Internet & WiFi - DNS Issue?

Husband suspects Rogers is having a DNS issue
It has been down for a few days now and right over Christmas!

We have tried restarting etc


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Re: No Internet & WiFi - DNS Issue?

Hello, @lindaflower2


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and congratulations on your first post! 🙂


Having your connection go down over the holidays is never a fun experience especially with everyone stuck at home this year.


We have not been advised of any known DNS issues. If you are still experiencing issues it may help to flush out the DNS cache on your devices. To do this you can follow the steps outlined here.


Let us know if issues are persistent.





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Re: No Internet & WiFi - DNS Issue?

Have you tried changing your DNS? What makes you suspect its a DNS issue? change your DNS on your devices to something like they are very reliable