New Easy Connect Modem

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New Easy Connect Modem

I just upgraded my internet and got the new easy connect modem. I keep getting an orange blinking light when trying to connect rather than the white light. I can’t find anywhere what this means. Help!




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Re: New Easy Connect Modem

Hello @Danielle255,


Thank you for posting your Easy Connect concerns here in the Rogers Community Forums! Welcome and congrats on your fist post! 🙂


Before we begin troubleshooting your issue, can I please clarify a few things?


- Which modem do you have?

- Are you using a Wi-Fi enabled device, like a laptop or a smartphone, to complete this process?

- Are the WiFi settings enabled on your device? 


If you can confirm which step you were able to get to before having issues, that would also be super helpful as well!


If you have our Ignite modem, then you should be seeing a white light. If the light does not turn white, then there is likely an issue happening that needs to be resolved. If you are following the instructions as per this article and still cannot connect, please let us know. 


We look forward to your reply!