Netflix buffers

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Netflix buffers

Hi all,


Has anyone noticed that Netflix is buffering lately? It generally plays good but then the throughput will drop and the picture will get fuzzy. This seems to be a recent occurrence over the last few days.


I noticed in the netflix diagnostic screens I'm connected to Roger's CDN servers - are they overloaded?

My LAN is wired - so it's not a WiFi issue. Speed Test also checks out - 750 - 850mbps+.


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Re: Netflix buffers

Hello, @coolspot.


Thank you for posting your Netflix experience in the Community. The buffering of any streaming service can be unpleasant. Are you experiencing the buffering on a particular device? I understand your network is wired, however, have you tried Netflix on a wireless device?


Community - anybody else experiencing buffering on Netflix?






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Re: Netflix buffers

I don't use Netflix anymore, but given the speed that they are getting from the CDN servers via wired ethernet connections, I would not expect to see any improvement via WIFI - I would expect that the speed would be lower.


Was that speed test on the same device you watch Netflix on and the same wired connection by the way?


May not be a speed issue, but possibly latency or jitter.  Did you check that on your speed tests?


Certainly give it a try, but it would surprise me, and even if it does, then there is still a cabling and ethernet issue somewhere either on modem of wiring, or connectors.


Pitch in anyone with suggestions - keep us up to date on that one.



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Re: Netflix buffers

Been working perfectly fine here. no buffering at all.


As BS said, might be something more local.. you could be say having signal issues at that time (either in the neighborhood, or more local at your house), which is dropping the overall quality of the internet at the time.