Navigatr Ate My Internet Usage

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Navigatr Ate My Internet Usage

This story is both funny and sad, so I thought I would post it in the lounge as it doesn't belong in any of the forums.


I was looking at my internet usage and was surprised to see that it seemed to have gone up by 50% over my historic usage levels.  I have an old plan with a fairly small usage cap, so I try to keep an eye on it.  I brought up the traffic manager on my router and checked the history.  I was quickly able to determine that the additional traffic was coming from a wireless device - the wired portion of my network was operating at the usual levels.


I had just bought a new Android tablet, so in case an app was running wild, I shut it off and checked again the next day.  When I checked, the usage spikes were still there, and by comparing the times, I was able to see that it was my laptop that was the culprit.


I used to lurk in the Community Forums occasionally to see if anyone else was having the same problems as I did.  It usually was once a month, at the same time as I checked my internet usage and my bill.  On July 28, I was gifted with Navigatr as a member of the Mississauga rollout contingent.  I started checking the forum to compare my experience with that of others who were experiencing problems.  At one point, I realized that I could help someone with their problem and so I signed on to the forum for the first time.


I was soon leaving the forum up on a tab all the time and checking several times a day as new posts came in about issues and suggestions as to how to work around the issues with Navigatr.  I also found some other areas of the forums where I could provide help based on my personal experience, and I started posting replies to other issues.


The net effect was that my internet usage went up in August-September to the point that it was very noticeable.  I hadn't changed other aspects of my internet usage, mostly because I was spending too much time on the Rogers forums.


The funny thing is, I started looking in the forums to get answers about the Navigatr rollout and when the issues would be fixed.  In 6 weeks, I have not received any such answers, so for my original objective, I have been wasting my time.


For now, I am going to start reducing my time in the forums and see if I can get my usage back to traditional levels pre-Navigatr.


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Re: Navigatr Ate My Internet Usage

Hello @roxandtreez,


I am sorry you feel that you haven't gotten any answers regarding the Navigatr rollout and when the issues would be fixed. I would like to mention that your contribution in the forums is greatly appreciated and noticed. We are passing all the feedback we receive to our product teams and can only update the Community when we, ourselves get communication. Your detailed breakdown of Navigatr issues was sent directly to upper management and was excellent. We will be sure to provide updates as they come. 


Thank you for your patience and I apologize again for the inconveniences caused.  




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Re: Navigatr Ate My Internet Usage

For anyone who is interested, by signing on to the Community Forums only once ot twice a day and always signing off when done, my internet usage has dropped back down to historical levels.

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Re: Navigatr Ate My Internet Usage

Sounds like by leaving it open.. SOMETHING was refreshing in the background unbeknownst and was eating up usage..