My newly swapped modem is not working.

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My newly swapped modem is not working.

I’ve been having problems with my home internet for months now (very inconsistent download speeds with low upload speeds) so Rogers sent over a technician to check it out.

The first modem had issues where it would randomly cut the wifi connection off and only resetting it would help. After about an hour of trying to fix the problems, the technician swapped the modem and installed a “return path attenuator” on the cable. This resolved everything so he left within 5 minutes of swapping it and that’s when the new modem started having major issues like shutting off and only showing the power light.

I called the technician support team and they tried literally everything and even had me remove the attenuator but nothing worked after 45min of trying (Rogers couldn’t connect to my modem). With 5+ hours of my time in the past few days being invested into resolving this issue, I might have to switch my iso after after years of being with Rogers.
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Re: My newly swapped modem is not working.

Hello, @Mann99.


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for your patience and for posting your concern in the Community.


Are you still seeing only the power light is on? It usually means the modem is not ranging or unable to lock into Up/Downstream frequencies.


We can further investigate it for you, send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. Please check our blog if you require assistance with the private messaging.




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Re: My newly swapped modem is not working.

Yeah, sounds like it was much more than inside the house... that its an overall signal/feed issue TO the house itself.

(Which the tech SHOULD have checked as well)