Modem is showing connected but no internet access

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Modem is showing connected but no internet access

Not seeing much communication here.
If not resolved, have you tried another computer or cell phone?
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Modem is showing connected but no internet access

The last few weeks - once or twice a day - we lose connection to all devices in the house for about a minute or two - and then it goes back. During that time all devices show as connected - the modem is flashing properly as if it is working - but nothing is working. Happens every day at least once - sometimes in middle of day and sometimes late at night. Frustrating as we lose zoom connection - or a whatsapp call etc. I am paying for 500 service - with Hitron modem - so top of line - but lately the service is awful. Rogers tech support noticed there is congested node in my area - so said will create ticket - but does anyone think that is the issue?

I've Been Around
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Re: Modem is showing connected but no internet access

A poem


Rogers is down, I talk to Anna

She is useless, a brain like a banana

She sends me to chat, but no one replies

Rogers says my services is up - lies, lies, lies


My modem it flashes - green

My laptop shows nothing - empty screen

I sit on hold - 40 minutes

The discount I'll get? Peanuts.


I live on a Bell Hotspot

On the Rogers network, there is service - NOT

Oh please someone help me

Of old age I'll die, certainly.

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Re: Modem is showing connected but no internet access

Good day, @Jester21k!


A warm welcome to our community forums and what an awesome first post (love the creative touch!). 🙂


I understand that you haven't been too thrilled about your service recently. I totally get it--internet disruptions can be super inconvenient, to say the least. Is your service still down? If so, we'd really like to help!


Please send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps so we may have a closer look into this for you to see what is causing the issue.  For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


We look forward to hearing from you!