Mobile devices not "connecting" to Rogers Wi-Fi

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Mobile devices not "connecting" to Rogers Wi-Fi

Issue started yesterday and persisted until I left for work today.

My laptop will connect and Is having no issues, however my cell, tablet and FireTV all are registering connection issues/ not connected.

I've brought my tablet and phone to work and connected no problem to Wi-Fi here, so it's not the devices.

Technician has done a remote restart to fix the issue, but won't know how it worked until I'm home, so will update then.

I've noticed a few other people seem to have had the same issue, just wondering if there was a positive resolution.


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Re: Mobile devices not "connecting" to Rogers Wi-Fi

Good afternoon and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums @OttawaBrian,


I had this same issue with my iPhone X a few days ago. Rebooting my phone did not help, but "Forgetting the Network" and reconnecting to my Wi-Fi did fix the issue for me.


Please keep us posted on the outcome of the troubleshooting steps.






I've Been Around
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Re: Mobile devices not "connecting" to Rogers Wi-Fi

I also noticed such a problem, I hope it has already been fixed.

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Re: Mobile devices not "connecting" to Rogers Wi-Fi

Hello, @Parcifale.


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for joining this discussion. A laptop can connect to the WiFi network, but the other WiFi devices failed to connect is certainly strange. @OttawaBrian, were you able to resolve the issue?


Let's find a solution for you; please answer the following:

  • What's the model of the modem?
  • Are you using different SSID (network name) for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network?
  • Have you changed just the password for your network?

Also, let us know if any changes were made prior to experiencing the issue.