Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

Some people have found.. specific sizes.. brands.. formatting, etc.. wont always show up. 
It can be hit and miss of what works.

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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

Good info in all the posts on this topic. I'm not sure this will answer the last one but it is something to try:


I connect a WD external drive (3TB) and the router recognizes and enables right away.  If I reboot the router with the drive connected, the router no longer recognizes the drive. I plug out the USB cable and plug it back in and then the router finds the drive again - weird.


My main problem is the used and free space properties - the router OS is unable to calculate this properly and even though I have 1TB free on the drive, the router mapping on Win7 says only 178Mb is free. How can this be corrected because the backup process will only attempt a file copy if there is sufficient free space? Windows must get this info from the router OS because when the drive is directly connected to the computer, the space is calculated correctly.


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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

I am surprised that Rogers has not taken advantage of this functionality. To be able to promote the Advanced wifi and new Rocket modems as supporting network storage would be a HUGE bonus for Rogers customers.


I have been trying for days to get drives to work. Flash drives seem to be fine, but anything bigger and with NTFS, no go. They appear in the modem firmware; flash drives get random numbers while the HDD got diska1, I can even eventually map the drive (though that's very difficult). But when I try to access it I get 2 problems: access is denied to do anything, and, as was mentioned, windows 7 says the volume is only 178MB (using 80GB). Tried gaining permissions through the security tab, and even get the login screen when trying to give "everyone" write access (entered the modem credentials), but those steps just result again in access denied.



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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

According to Rogers' technical support they only support two things:

1. Any connectivity issues of the modem component. They will ensure that your signal levels are within specs and modem is registered correctly on the Rogers network.
2. They will help you to setup wireless component of the gateway.

That's it. They are not supposed (nor trained) to support other features of the gateway, like external USB storage or port forwarding. I was told that several times in plain English without any room for interpretation.

And I don't really have a problem with that. So, my point is that if you need extra features to work appropriately you are better of buying your own router.

I, personally used to use my own router only with Cisco DPC3825. I ran both CGNDM and CGNM in gateway mode and don't feel a need for a third party router, but again, every user's needs are different.

Another important point which frequently overlooked in this forum is that the same hardware (DPC3825, CGNDM, CGNM) can perform completely differently on different nodes. Many people are quick to blame the gateway, where in fact the problem is in node configuration. That is exactly the reason that there are some areas where Cisco DPC3825 won't work at all. You can swap them 50 times and none of them will work but once you put CGN2 - everything is perfect.
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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

I was able to get my 2TB HDD working on Rogers CGN3ACSMR Modem.


Although the CGN3ACSMR says it supports the following formats: (Window's FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS)

NTFS does not work at all. 


Solution that works is to Format you HDD to FAT32.

I used Fat32Formatter.exe to format my 2TB.


Plug it in the Modem and I was able to see the drive as file://


Copy this info and map a network drive on your PC. Note: Map a network drive using the following



Note: I remove the file: and replace the forward slash with BACK SLASH





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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

FAT32 works on mine.

It sees it as disk, but that is not the thing you want to use.

Select the one with something like this:



exFAT detected as disk but not writable, NTFS not detected at all.


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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

hi to all,

i have a problem with my CG3NROG modem...i have attached my usb flash and i got this link for my usb:


but neither the browser and nor the mapping works..when i am trying to map \\\share\C48F-08EA


keeps asking for username and password.cusadmin and password does not works...what should i do?!

i also tried\cusadmin..didnt work.

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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

I have the CGN3ACSMR and it recognized my 500GB HDD very smoothly, which is in NTFS format. I don't know if it's related to the version but my hardware version is 1A, while the software version is

The only problem is I only have read access to the HDD without being able to write/change anything. I am trying to modify the security settings to fix it but don't know if it'll work.
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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

Thanks for the detailed instructions - worked like a charm. I can now access my USB drive from any device on my network. you know if there's a way to remotely access that USB drive (i.e. from somewhere else on the Internet)?


I used to have this feature on my D-Link router (it had its own software which allowed me to access the USB drive which I attached to it)...unfortunately, the D-Link didn't play nice with my CGN3 (in bridge mode), so I've had to 'retire' the D-Link and use the CGN3 as both modem and router.


I do use Dropbox to share most documents across my devices through the cloud, but I do have some files which I would rather not put on someone else's servers.



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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

looking for the same thing (remote access) anyone?