Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

Apologies for the really late response. Bar the obvious pieces of info (Gateway Serial Number/HFC MAC Address) my set-up is the same as yours. I am also running Windows 10.

As of this moment, my version is 


The only thing I can think of is that your slashes have not been reversed after copying the 'shared Disk' info on the 'Administration/USB Storage' screen. The path information on this screen has forward slashes. When pasting this into the 'Folder' field that pops up after selecting 'Map Network Drive' you need to reverse the slashes as it shows in the example just below. 


I assume you know this already, but just in case.....



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

Thanks Pottertons and CA1 for the responses. Yes I did have Client for Microsoft Networks enabled and yes I did have the slashes the right way around (which you can see from a previous post of mine). The baffling thing is I tried plugging the drive back into the router this morning and it now works! I'm not doing anything different from before to access it and the router software version is still the same (21). I have a couple of computers now plugged into its ethernet ports but I can't see why that would change anything. The router has not been rebooted for almost 7 weeks so I'm at a loss to explain this but happy that I now have this facility available.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

whoops. I based my response on the post that I was quoted in so I never did see the one with the mapped drive screenshot. 

Happy to see that you got it working. It's strange how something as simple as a reboot can fix things. 

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

Can this be used on a ASUS Chrome Box? It looks like I can not complete taks #5,6,7. If yes, what would be the steps?
Thank you

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

Guys.. this is pretty easy to do


plug your USB hard drive to the top USB port on the back of the modem. Make sure your hard drive is plugged in and turned on.

  Browse to your modem admin console (1921368.0.1) Login with yout cusadmin account

Click on Admin tab at the top, and then USB storage under the admin settings


- Here you should see your hard drive listed. It should be something like file://

- Under the "Shared Disk" header is "Shared Status" MAKE SURE YOU SWITCH THIS TO ON!! And click save changes!!


Use the link file://  to browse the contents of your drive in any webbrowser (LAN)


- To map the drive:

Open Exporer-My computer. Click on 'Computer' listed at the top left and choose Map Network Drive

Choose a drive letter you would like to use. I recommend using a letter near the end of the alphabet because Windows chooses letters A-Z, Networks choose Z-A. It's just so Windows doesn't fall into a conflict with one of your mapped network drives.

- For the folder entry, you must understand the difference between slashes (/ and \) 

'/' are used for WEB Based. If you look at an URL the slashes are all running '/'

 For network management, we use '\'

So we need to make some / \ changes to the URL and remove the word "file".

file://       Becomes     \\\4854E4564E02B00

Add your new line to the 'Folder' textbox

Check reconnect at sign-in if you want...Click Finish. Done.. New ammped USB drive from your modem.


Done.. Sit back and enjoy!



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Mapping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

It may have worked easily for you DM but for some of us it was a long slog. Trying out different approaches and addresses, resetting computers and the router, ensuring that Windows options were correct etc etc. In my case I spent a week or more playing with things - and I know a thing or two about wireless networks. Suddenly it magically worked but I have no clue what instigated this change. In fact the only thing I can remember doing was plugging a couple of hard-wired computers into the router. Go figure!

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Mapping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

I apologize if my reply came off like 'everyone should get this' was certainly not my intention.. I've been a tech for many many years working with non-tech people. When my clients say things like 'I don't know how you did that, you make it seem so easy...' I always tell them I'm a tech, that's what I do, you make your job look easy, not something I could ever do either.. In other words just because I think my job is easy, I don't think yours is 😃 I do my job, you do yours. I wouldn't work on my car, I'd take it to an automotive tech who knows what to do. Similarly the auto tech wouldn't work on his computer, he'd take it to a computer tech 😃
When I said this was easy, I was referring to the steps in writing to be followed. Bad choice of words..
I will say that Rogers hardware is not without problems. I've taken back digital boxes more times than I can count and routers/modems to. Their modems seem to 'forget' settings and require hard reboots often.
So if things aren't working out for you the first time, always try hard booting the modem/router. Unplug from the wall, wait about 30s then plug back in and try again.
The fact that your not quite sure what the fix was, it's not from you not knowing what your doing, but usually a case of hardware failure.
So don't get discouraged if things don't work out the first few times, it maybe a bad piece of hardware. And always try a hard boot as well.. If all else fails, you could try a reset of the modem to factory settings. And then return the unit for a replacement if it's still not working.
I to have spun many days trying to figure something out using Rogers hardware. When everything else seems to work, except what you're trying to accomplish it seems like your missing something. After replacing the unit - bam! It worked 😃
Moral of the story, when all else fails, blame Rogers and replace the unit! It'll save you a TON of frustration!
I've Been Around
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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

I'm trying to move my music library from my Windows PC computer to an external hard drive plugged into the usb port of my Hitron CBNM 3552 router.  I would then like to be able to access the hard drive from my iphone and ipad.

To test it out, I've plugged in a USB thumb drive to the router USB port, mapped the drive to my Windows PC, and can access the router USB drive from my computer.
Can I map my iphone or ipad to play music stored on the usb drive? 
When I know it all works, I'll buy a large usb drive and transfer all my music.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

Eh.. to play from an ipone/ipad... Yes.. but not so easily.

To access it on an SMB share, you will need to use a 3rd party program which allows browsing to a windows SMB share..
Should then show the files.. but would probably be a click and play one by one.. wont run playlilsts, albums in order, etc.

Really only main way to play music on an iphone/ipad, is through itunes, or a 3rd party media server.
Running something like PLEX, you can set it up as a media server, then the plex client will do the playback.
You can run your itunes library on a PC, then stream from that PC with itunes running to an iphone on the same network.
But both of these require it to be running on PC.

You really need to get into a form of a network connected NAS or hard drive, which allows a running of media server type software on it.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Maping an external drive on CGN3 Gateway

WOW. This info saved me back when it was originally posted and it remains to be helpful; even 2 years later after canceling the service and returning to a new CODA-4582 modem.

Unfortunately, I can't add any more likes. 🙂