Low Download Speeds on Laptop via WiFi

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Low Download Speeds on Laptop via WiFi

Excuse my 'limited' knowledge..  Curious why ( using wifi; not Ethernet), my laptop can only get up to 50 mbps download..  My apple iphone; almost 600 mbps?

This is what I have (below)...

Any help/info, much appreciated!

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Re: Low Download Speeds on Laptop via WiFi

Hello @oroberts,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and congratulations on your first post! =)


I can imagine how strange it is to have such a big discrepancy in speeds across your devices that are connecting to the same WiFi network.


What it really comes down to in terms of wireless speeds is the wireless card that your laptop is using. There are 5 wireless protocols that vary in speed, from slowest to fastest the protocols are B, A, G, N, and AC. If you are using an older Laptop its wireless card may only be compatible with the G protocol. In this case, you may benefit from a Wireless USB Adaptor. With your current Internet package, an adaptor compatible with the N protocol would work well as it is able to produce theoretical speeds of up to 450 Mbps. Your iPhone is compatible with AC protocol which is capable of 1300+ Mbps.


I hope this helps!