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Login to Rogers Yahoo Webmail

Every so often when I go into my Rogers Yahoo email I'm taken to a sign-in page and I have to enter my username. For some reason everything is written in Spanish instead of English. What is going on? How can I fix this?


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Resident Expert
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Re: Login to Rogers Yahoo Webmail

This is probably due to geolocation. The website "thinks" you're in a location where Spanish is spoken.  This happens all the time when travelling to various parts of the world.  Do you use a VPN or other method to disguise your location?

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Re: Login to Rogers Yahoo Webmail

Nope. My laptop is right where it is every day. No VPN.

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Re: Login to Rogers Yahoo Webmail

Good day @Cap07,


Thank you for your post!


I can imagine how viewing the page in Spanish, instead of English, can cause some inconveniences.

Are you still experiencing the issue at this time?


In order to better assist you in the resolution of this problem, we'll need more information from you:

  • Have you ever noticed this happening with any other website or webmail pages?
  • What troubleshooting measures have you tried so far?
  • If you manually change the language in the settings, does it remain in English or do you see it go back to Spanish?

We'll look forward to your reply, as we sincerely want to help you resolve this issue!



I'm an Enthusiast
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Re: Login to Rogers Yahoo Webmail

Only happens once in a while and only with Rogers Yahoo Email. I'll go in fine day after day, then one day I'll be taken to the login page. I assume this is to confirm I'm me. Lately this page shows up in Spanish. No where would I have set my language preference as Spanish. So weird.

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Re: Login to Rogers Yahoo Webmail

@Cap07and @RogersMaude


With all the changes in login that has been occurring across the board with Rogers, whether it is Anyplace TV, MyRogers, and WebMail and the mail member's centre, I think that if this continued, I would push to get a ticket opened to look a bit deeper into your settings rather than us trying to guess what your next step may be.


Internmittent issues like what you are describing are the worst, and I think here on the forum, we have helped guide and trouble shoot many issues related to the change over in the web mail, logins, application mixes, and if I were in shoes, I would next time it happens, leave it open exactly as you see it, and contact tech support directly and open a direct discussion with technical staff who have their hands deep and dirty into all these changes.


I thought I had seen everything with the change over in the email operations related to Rogers and Yahoo (or as it is now, their owner is Verizon), this one is new to me.


I would have thought geo location - I have been getting some odd geo location results in other services I work with related to my VPN service that I use for private connection that I need in place for some communications.


But from what you describe, it doesn't sound like a VPN or geo location issue, as you aren't using a VPN, and your geo location is not changing - Only suggestion, is try turning off location services of anytype.


The are baked into every phone, table, and even Windows 10 computers, where it geo locates off your IP address.


But in closing, if it keeps coming, then contact tech support while you are seeing the error and open a ticket if necessary.


Good luck and keep us up to date.  I personally don't have an answer - I would have thought geolocating, but from what you described, I am not sure next steps of trouble shooting.



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