Let's talk Upstream Bandwidth

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Re: Let's talk Upstream Bandwidth

Anybody wishing they had Bell Fibe with up to almost 150mBit to a gig upload speed?

I am a video editor and need to be able to send video files. Bell Fibe is installing in my neighbourhood as we speak but would prefer not to change when it’s available.

Anybody know of any speed changes coming soon? Rogers is not the fastest internet.

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Resident Expert
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Re: Let's talk Upstream Bandwidth

Be aware.. bell FIBE and bell FTTH (fiber to the home) are two different things.

Standard bell fibe, is only VDSL, where its FTTN (fiber to the node) and then still phone line to the house.  
You cant get 1.5gbsp via that.
Your probably going to get 50/10??
Only ares with direct FTTH are available to get the 1.5gbps
(which is a pretty small area truthfully)

I dont think they are able to do much further upload speeds yet, until the docsis 3.1 rollout is completed?

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Re: Let's talk Upstream Bandwidth

Upload Speeds,

Yeah Rogers is behind when it come to Upload , 30Mbps its a joke in 2020.

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Re: Let's talk Upstream Bandwidth

As compared to what?

If you look at any cable based provider, even across the US, thats about average, if not higher.
Now, is technically the latest cable technology on paper capable of doing higher? Sure.  But its not really tested/implemented anywhere on a large scale yet that I am aware.

The only services you will really see offering any higher uploads, are areas with Direct fiber connection.
Bell is offering this.   BUT if you actually look at the footprint which it is actually available in, is actually quite small compared to the overall footprint of where high speed internet is available (let alone rural areas which dont even have high speed still).
EG: I live in an area, where I can get the 1gbps package from rogers.  But bell can not provide me more than 10mbps/.5 service (and this is up only recently from 5mbps/.25)

So there are many factors in play here.

Hopefully as time goes on the upstream will increase/get better on cable.
And if you live in an area which is service by other services which can provide that upstream, if it is necessary to the user, then its a completely viable option to switch.