LAN ports Hitron modem/router in bridge mode..

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Re: LAN ports Hitron modem/router in bridge mode..

Hey @Datalink,


I really appreciate the in-depth explanation!


Ive got a few more question for you. 

1. Before I got my Deco M4 system, I had all 4 ports on my Hitron m/r occupied with one being occupied by a switch that gave me 4 more Ethernet ports. All the devices on Ethernet connected to the internet fine. I’m struggling to see how this is possible. The reason being, if I only had 4 pairs of IPv4 and IPv6 connections shouldn’t only 4 devices be connected to the internet through Ethernet, or am I not getting that incorrect. From my understanding the switch is not seen by the Hitron m/r therefore it cannot split the one of the IPv4/IPv6 connections into 4 more, rather only one of the ports on the switch will have a pair of that type of connection. Then what do the other ports on the switch have, like what type of connection?

2. I assume there is not way to turn of wifi on the Hitron modem and not have to put it into Bridge mode?

3. I also assume not every device is capable of IPv6?

I guess I’m trying to maximize the amount of Ethernet ports available to me when the Hitron is in bridge mode. Given that the deco M4 units only have two Ethernet ports on the back this is quite limiting. 


4. This may be a question more for Lynksis rather than you but with the one pair of IPv6/4 connection that is going to my main Deco M4, if I were to put a switch on the second port Of the Deco how many Live Ethernet connections would I get?


Thank you,


Arshad N

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Re: LAN ports Hitron modem/router in bridge mode..

gateway connection to remote router, plus connection to local computer:

I have a Rogers HITRON CGN3ACSMR gateway with 4 ethernet ports. My question is :

Can I use one gateway ethernet port to bridge (via ethernet cable) to a remote ASUS router that is 25 feet away,

and at the same time use another gateway ethernet port to connect (via ethernet cable) to a local computer that is 3 feet away from the gateway. ? will this work or will it create any conflict ?

As always, thank you in advance for any answers.

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Re: LAN ports Hitron modem/router in bridge mode..

If the ASUS router is configured as an access point then all devices connected will be part of your local area network, including any wifi devices. No conflicts. If the ASUS is configured as a router then devices connected to it will be on a separate LAN and the computer will not have access to those devices. Similarly devices connected to the ASUS will not be able to connect with the computer of any wifi devices on the CGN gateway.

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Re: LAN ports Hitron modem/router in bridge mode..

@PCao if the modem is in its default Gateway mode, where all four ethernet ports are active, you have two choices on how to run the router:


1.  in full router mode, where the router controls its own network.  In this configuration, you have a double Network Address Translation (NAT) configuration, where the modem is translating the external incoming traffic to the required internal address and port, and the router is doing the same thing.  That's not efficient but it does work.  If you're a gamer, you don't want to use this configuration.


2. in Access Point mode, where the modem is control of the entire network and the router acts as an ethernet and wifi access point.  The wifi performance of the router should be better than the router, go there's a net gain there.  However, the router will give you much better control over your network and access to settings that you can't access in the modem, so, by allowing the modem to run the network, you won't have the degree of control over your network that the router will allow. 


If you run the modem in Bridge mode, all four ethernet ports are also active, but, only two ports will run connected devices.  Those devices will have their own independent IPV4 and IPV6 addresses and they will operate completely independent of each other.  There won't be any conflict between the two connected devices.  To use the modem in Bridge mode however, you should connect routers to any two of those ports, and then connect any other device to those routers.  The routers will protect the connected downstream devices as the routers will have their own firewall.  Any device that you connect to the modem, when the modem is running in Bridge mode, must be able to protect itself from the constant external probing that they will undergo.  So, you have to have a great deal of confidence in the firewalls of those devices.  


So, yes, you could connect a pc directly to the modem when its in Bridge mode, but, I do not recommend that configuration.  

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Re: LAN ports Hitron modem/router in bridge mode..

After put Hatron 4582 on bridge mode, only 2 ethenet ports from modem work. The third device that connected to the modem will get "Unidentified network, no Internet". Is that possible to get 3-4 devices connected to Modem ?

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Re: LAN ports Hitron modem/router in bridge mode..

@wokhayhayhay no you can't.  In Bridge mode, all four ethernet ports are active, meaning that you can connect a device to any of those ports.  The caveat here is that you can only simultaneously use a maximum of two ports when the modem is running in Bridge mode.  That is due to the limit of IPV4 addresses and IPV6 prefixes that will be assigned thru those ports.  Rogers allows a maximum of two IPV4 addresses and two IPV6 prefixes per modem.  Those two ports will be assigned their own IPV4 address and IPV6 prefix.  They will be independent and separate from each other. 


So, you can connect any device of your choice to those ports.  Be aware however, that the modem in Bridge mode does not support any services such as the firewall, wifi, etc, etc.  In Bridge mode, the modem is just a modem.  Each connected device has to be able to protect itself from the constant probing that they will undergo from all of the miscreants across the internet.  


If you connect two routers to the modem for example, each router will be running its own network, independent and separate from the other router.  There is no cross-over of any type within the modem.