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Internet stops working at 9pm

I Plan to Stick Around

Hello, Posting this from my cell because my Internet is not working. Can someone tell me with any certainty what is going on in Belmont, ON - N0L1B0 with the Internet, every night at 9pm it just ceases to work. I've heard various different reasons every time I call or chat with tech support, including that they are putting in new infrastructure.



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Re: Internet stops working at 9pm

I've Been Here Awhile

Just a quick update.  I have not heard from Rogers, but last night was one of the better nights between 7 and 9 that I have had in a while.  Could not find any issues in an tracert to a few different locations.  Fingers crossed.

Re: Internet stops working at 9pm

Hi @Canehdien!


If you've got an open ticket, we can check into it for you and see if we can find you an update.


Please PM us @CommunityHelps for further assistance!


You can find instructions on how to PM us here.