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Internet is still down

I've Been Here Awhile

The service is not recovered yet for L3T 4Z3. It has been down over three days



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Re: Internet is still down

I've Been Around

We had to power down our modem and restart it before it would reconnect to the network after service was restored on Saturday.  If you haven't already done that, it might be worth a try.

Re: Internet is still down

I've Been Around

Wifi and internet still down - N6K 0K1

Yesterday I had intermittent wifi access; today, zilch.

Re: Internet is still down

No resolution. Date this is crazy. It will be a week tomorrow

Re: Internet is still down

Seriously Rogers? The stress of yet another mysterious outage today? July 13th, around 2pm in the middle of our work day, now 10pm and we remain without wifi. This is a great reason Canadian communication systems should never be in the hands of a sole organization. We are trying to earn a living working from home and not knowing if internet is available from one moment to the next is unacceptable.



Re: Internet is still down

I Plan to Stick Around

Well, cheer up Colleen, Rogers is giving a whole 5 days credit to compensate you for losing business working from home!!!


Oh, be still my heart!  

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