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Internet Overcharge

I had 4 days that the website shows that I consumed 25 Giga of data while I was using les that normal data.

I called the customer service first i was send to billing that have 2 min waiting list and when I asked for reconciliation they send me to another phone line with 30 minutes waiting list. The service is horible.

I got the first message that I was at 75% of my consumption Friday and Saturday I was already at 120% of my consumption. And I did not used any more internet data that usual Their solution, Pay more. When I use half of the data I do not pay less that the normal fee.

What if somebody is using my data?

Vey unhappy with Rogers services. 



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Re: Internet Overcharge

There are a couple of possibilities.

COULD be a metering issue, somethings not adding up right.

But you have to eliminate your self/household as well.
How secure is your wireless?   (always a chance that someone was on it, using usage)

Even if yourself didnt specifically use anything.. doesnt mean that the computer might not have, without you knowing.
Things updating on their own, cloud syncing services, torrents left running, etc.


Which package are you on, and which modem/gateway are you using?

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Re: Internet Overcharge

I have the same problem recently. This is my scenario is, Dec 06 - 2017 - 7:03 I've received a text msg from Rogers saying "you reached 90% of my data plan" (which is 6GB). Dec 06 - 2017 -  7:18, another message saying "you've already reached 100% of your data plan", Dec 06 - 2017 - 7:22 am another text message saying "you have accrued $30.00 in extra data". By 8:30 am I checked my Rogers page, there was showing that I was 3.64 GB overused. Just received my bill I've been overcharged for $60,00 for overused 4GB of data. Contacted Rogers many times, none of the rep could give me a reasonable answer to justify such data liking. All they say is that I have to update my plane with more data. In fact, I rarely use my 25GB at home and my 6 GB on two cellphone. Who can help me with this problem?