Internet Keeps Dropping

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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

Hello @bstotes 


Sorry to hear you're having issues with your home internet I can see how challenging it can be.


Can you ensure you are running the ping test on a wired connection and ensure the internet is not being used by other devices in the home? Believe it or not sometimes something as simple as a faulty connecter on the cable line will help alleviate the signal.


We may need to have a service tech on-site to assist further but before we do we would like to run some diagnostics to your internet modem. 


Please keep us posted, looking forward to your response.


Kind Regards,


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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

Hey “RogersMike”, is there any way to be removed from this thread? My inquiry was posted back in February, and we’re STILL getting notifications about all these posts we don’t need to follow anymore. I’ve searched but can’t find a way to delete myself from it.
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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

@rdbassman wrote:
...STILL getting notifications about all these posts we don’t need to follow anymore. 

Click your icon at the top right of the screen when logged in. Go to "My Subscriptions"  then Notification Settings.  Then deselect the appropriate option(s).  

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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping


My internet has been randomly disconnecting over 20 times throughout the day and Support does not seem to think there is any problem with the internet.

I am on the 1000mbps internet package (Non ignite).


Looking at the logs, I constantly see this when there is disconnect from the internet:

2 11/04/2020 07:14:35 82000200 Critical No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-MAC=a;CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:90:cc:94;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;


Here are more logs from the Modem:

Downstream Overview
Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID Signal noise ratio (dB)
1 591000000 QAM256 1.099 7 38.983
2 597000000 QAM256 0.799 8 40.366
3 603000000 QAM256 0.299 9 40.366
4 579000000 QAM256 0.799 5 40.366
5 585000000 QAM256 0.700 6 38.983
6 279000000 QAM256 1.400 1 38.605
7 609000000 QAM256 0.599 10 40.946
8 615000000 QAM256 1.400 11 40.366
9 621000000 QAM256 1.900 12 40.366
10 633000000 QAM256 2.000 13 40.366
11 639000000 QAM256 2.700 14 40.366
12 645000000 QAM256 2.599 15 40.366
13 651000000 QAM256 2.299 16 40.366
14 657000000 QAM256 2.700 17 40.366
15 663000000 QAM256 3.000 18 40.946
16 669000000 QAM256 2.700 19 40.366
17 675000000 QAM256 2.400 20 40.366
18 681000000 QAM256 2.700 21 40.366
19 687000000 QAM256 2.900 22 40.366
20 693000000 QAM256 2.500 23 40.366
21 699000000 QAM256 2.500 24 40.366
22 705000000 QAM256 2.799 25 40.366
23 711000000 QAM256 2.099 26 38.983
24 717000000 QAM256 1.799 27 40.366
25 723000000 QAM256 1.599 28 38.605
26 825000000 QAM256 -0.200 29 38.983
27 831000000 QAM256 -0.099 30 38.983
28 837000000 QAM256 0.500 31 38.605
29 843000000 QAM256 0.099 32 38.983
30 849000000 QAM256 -0.299 2 38.983
31 855000000 QAM256 -0.299 3 38.983
32 861000000 QAM256 -0.299 4 38.983
OFDM Downstream Overview
Receiver FFT type Subcarr 0 Frequency(MHz) PLC locked NCP locked MDC1 locked PLC power(dBmv)
1 4K 275600000 YES YES YES 1.900002
Upstream Overview
Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID Bandwidth
1 21100000 64QAM 44.010 5 3200000
2 38700000 64QAM 46.020 8 6400000
3 32300000 64QAM 45.770 7 6400000
4 25900000 64QAM 45.020 6 6400000
5 0 QAM_NONE - --- 1600000
6 0 QAM_NONE - --- 1600000
7 0 QAM_NONE - --- 1600000
8 0 QAM_NONE - --- 1600000




What can I do to fix this issue? Any suggestions? I have tried resetting the modem, etc, and nothing works.


Thank you.

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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping



I do have the exact same issue for over a month now and no one is able to fix it. Everytime I call them, they just go over the same troubleshooting steps as if the problem exist on our end. I am on the verge of cancelling this service. I am only waiting for bell to give me a better deal. Their Fiber to the home is spectacular and you will not see any disconnection in service

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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I have intermittent disconnections of internet during the day.

- Happens on both wireless and wired modem

-Both with modem in bridge mode and gateway mode

- CAT wire connected directly to modem

-Modem is connected all the way to the DMARC point

-signals are fine, no SNR


This whole process is getting extremely frustrating for us. I have multiple technicians visit my address and they are not able to detect anything.


I 'm just  keep replacing my modem every time. Already have done it 3 times.

All CODA modems that I'm getting are faulty in the end, as they are refurbished .

I feel extremely disappointed with the service, as no one taking ownership here.

 We all three in the family are strongly dependent on internet connection, but I feel that our issue is not been taken care and the level of professionalism is low and neglected.


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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

Hey @awais22, @pshiv11 and @doctor80!


It's disheartening to hear that you've each had such ongoing intermittent concerns that have not yet been resolved. Thank you for taking the time to let us know here in the community so we can assist in getting to the bottom of it. I have a few questions to help us help you if that's alright.



Your signal levels look good, and though a T3 time out on it's own isn't an indicator of an issue, many of them in a short period of time would signal something.

 - Are your disconnects over wired or WiFi?

 - Can you log into your modem's GUI and confirm if the LAN/WAN uptime are within 5ish minutes of each other? If the WAN uptime is much lower than the LAN this indicates the modem's loss of connection to the CMTS and it's totally addressable.



We would certainly hate to see you leave, especially if your concern is a resolvable one.
 - Are your disconnects over wired or WiFi? 

 - Are you able to provide your signal levels as shown in the previous post? These are available via logging into your Rogers modem. (url: / Username: cusadmin / Password: Your WiFi pass).



It sounds like you've been through quite a bit from a troubleshooting perspective... can you provide us with your LAN/WAN uptimes from your modem's GUI? I'm curious to see if the disconnects you're experiencing are visible from the modem. This would be the next logical step to seeing a resolution for you.


Thank you all for your time, and your patience with this.



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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I am having the same issue as OP.


Internet drops for a couple of minutes 1-4 times per day. 


Modem lights don't change, internet comes back without any action on my part. Pinging continuously during the day reveals packet loss/timeouts for about 5-10 pings then recovery then more timeouts about 2-4 times during the issue (which happens 1-4 times per day). I have the Hitron CODA modem which was just reset by tech support and its in bridge mode, but my pinging has been from a directly attached laptop and all devices on my network (including wired) have the same issue.


Tech support has checked twice so far and signals are theoretically fine.


This really seems like some kind of firmware issue or upstream issue with Rogers equipment. Looking forward to a resolution since getting interrupted daily during meetings etc gets pretty frustrating.





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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I am using LAN and not WIFI and this problem is observed on LAN. Any other suggestions I can try?

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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

Hello, @dreego, & @awais22


@dreego - Congratulations on your first post!


I know how frustrating it is to deal with an intermittent connection especially if you are working from home. It is strange for all of your devices to lose connection but the modem light pattern remains online. Can you describe where the modem is located in your home? Is it higher than ground level and free of obstructions around the unit?


@awais22 - Thanks for confirming that. Were you able to login to your modem's GUI take a look at the LAN/WAN uptime to see if they are within 5ish minutes of each other? This information could be important in determining what steps to take next.


We look forward to hearing from you both!