Internet Keeps Cutting Out

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Resident Expert
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Re: Internet Keeps Cutting Out

A bunch of poeple have had it.. myself included, over the last number of months.
Seems to go in waves.. effecting certian areas, then does go away after a while.

I am guessing, back end upgrades of some form, that when complete, it stops.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Internet Keeps Cutting Out

Yeah I have the exact same problem, but it's only with WiFi for me. I use the Hitron Gateway modem.


I hate how rogers does not provide any stand alone modems, instead they make us use this gateway crap.


I tried bridging my router to the gateway, but then the connections drop every few hours.


I can't wait for my contract to end in September, I'm going to switch over to a 3rd party Rogers Reseller, my neighbours have had them for over two years with smooth sailing... It will cut my bills in half, and I'll be able to use a stand alone modem again. ^.^

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Internet Keeps Cutting Out

When you consider that Rogers approves stand alone modems for iISPs, it makes it all the more galling that they do not approve them for use on their system. I saw this post by a Rogers Rep on Facebook: "I have learned that using a wireless access point is the best method. You can buy an external router and use it as an access point. I currently have two routers at my home, one on the third floor and one in the basement, works perfectly I get full signals. It is very difficult to achieve this with a built in router in a modem being used by multiple devices in a full house." Interesting comment to say the least! There are obviously some people who work for Rogers that realize their gateways are not very good!

I'm a Reliable Contributor
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Re: Internet Keeps Cutting Out

I'm in Etobicoke and since the ice storm after Christmas (I had a 12-hour outage for all Rogers services on that day), and since it came back up I've had really bad network performance from rogers internet.  Never really totally down but really slow at times and some disconnects as well.   Normally where I live the service is quite stable.


I finally decided to call in to tech support (something we all hate to do) and discovered that my Rogers extreme service was experiencing as much as 25% packet loss affecting only my internet service.   My HD TV units (4 of them) are not having any problem though.    I had already gone down to my local store and replaced my Rogers router/gateway but it made no difference.   They're dispatching someone to my house next week even though this clearly shows a problem downstream in their network.


You may be experiencing somethings similar as I believe there are stil lots of areas of the city where the service is problematic.  


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Internet Keeps Cutting Out

Same issue at Avenue Road/Eglinton since the ice storm.  Was down for days and since it came back up, lots of packet loss and I can't even complete a speedtest at or Rogers own speedtest.

I'm a Reliable Contributor
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Re: Internet Keeps Cutting Out

Same here.  The as well as the Rogers speed tests don't even complete and get stuck doing their thing which never happened to me before so I knew there was a network problem somewhere.


Well, after waiting several days for a technician to come out for this problem he came this morning.    The tech at least was very helpful and seemed to know his stuff and didn't mind me helping him with the network tests using my computers along with his testing devices.


After the requisite telling me that my splitter and connections aren't Rogers' standard issues I let him replace those things he thought needed to be changed.   I know this is part of their procedure so no point in arguing about it and it seemed to help signal levels just a bit anyway.   My original problem however of packet loss for the internet service remained, as expected on my part.  


By chance, the Rogers network vault is right behind my house so the tech had a look in there and performed additional loopback tests.  This is where the fibre runs end and convert to coax cable for distribution to homes nearby.   They supposedly discovered an amplifier that isn't working quite right but isn't down completely so the internet service works but not 100%.  I know that some of my neighbours have had similar problems.    They're dispatching a different tech to deal with this so for now I'm hopeful that in the next 24-48 hours or so they may actually fix this.     


Given that this problem started since the ice storm we've had I wonder how many parts of the city are having similar issues given all the reports in here that sound very similar.  

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Internet Keeps Cutting Out

Mine appears fixed as of about 1:30 p.m. today.  I hope it stays that way.


They had told me that I had 20% packet loss and so did some of my neighbours.  


Pings get through now and I can complete a speedtest and download files from popular sites successfully.


Nobody came to my house so I can only assume it was a problem somewhere else on the street or a network/head end issue.  


Perhaps they had lumped many areas together while they were sorting out the power/cable issues and there was too much congestion. 


The funny thing is that since browsing sort of worked I'm guessing many people had the issue and didn't even notice.  I asked a few neighbours and they said everything was fine.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Internet Keeps Cutting Out

I am having the same issues, large amoutn of packet loss on Rogers Cable Internet. I have HA (High availability) with rogers cable and bell dsl. Since the ice storm, my primary connection (rogers) keep going down every few hrs due to packet loss. Rogers tech came by and said they will have to send an engineer to the neighbourhood to diagnose the issue. Its have been 30 days now.



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Re: Internet Keeps Cutting Out


If there is no hardware problem you have to check your network connectivity performance. You can do it on: - just push the green button to start. Once tests are finished a unique url will be created which you can share with us to get your connectivity problem diagnosed.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Internet Keeps Cutting Out

I'm having issues with my WiFi cutting out several times a day. A tech casme to our house but could not find anything wrong. Even out netbox freezes and we have to reboot. So we spend more time rebooting our modem and netbox than enjoying what we have. I'm ready to switch to another company.
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