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Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Various disconnect problems have been reported back in 2012 all the way through to 2015 from what I can tell. I have read most of them and the tendency is to blame it on adaptors, modems, applications, etc. and rarely on the Rogers line. When this happened to me, I tried tracking the connection with Pingplotter for 2 weeks and I did notice breaks up to 4 to 6 minutes with the Rogers connection. It was not always at the same time. Sometimes around 9 am, sometimes 11 am, rarely in the afternoon or in the evening.  I have included an image of what a break looks like with Pingplotter for the server connection. Using Win 10 with Office 2010 in Outlook the pop up error is always 'Your IMAP server closed connection' so I thought I would track that connection with the Outlook application left on throughout the day.  There could also be a problem with the Outlook setup as this pop-up can appear every hour or every time you have selected a scheduled send-receive query. That is a different issue that I am not addressing here but the IMAP pop error would be on my screen two of three times indicating the connection dropped. This post is for the observation that the internet connection on the Rogers line does actually cut out for short durations at times! Below is only one screen capture out of many over the two weeks of monitoring the IMAP server.


Pingplotter result.png


Reporting this to Tech Support resulted in a query:  Does this happen on all your devices?... with no further follow up.  It is difficult to watch all your devices at the same time, and the breaks are only for short durations, sometimes only two minutes and then it reconnects. By the time you try to switch on your other devices the connection is re-established. Finally it did happen with my iphone so I wanted to post this here to get some feedback from other users.


So my question, before going back to Tech Support, is quite basic:  Has anyone else tracked their Rogers internet connection to see if they have breaks like the one shown above?   It would be nice to know when discussing it again with Tech support.  




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Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.


Hello, @ElegantTetris


Thank you for joining the Rogers Community Forums and posting your concern. We can check your connection as well as the area for the issues you have mentioned, please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. Please check our blog if you require assistance with the private messaging.




Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I'm a Trusted Contributor

@ElegantTetris wrote:



There has been a flurry of vans in the area over the past week actively working on the lines in my neighbourhood and there's a couple of obvious cuts/resplices that have appeared near the node box in the area (on Courtland). Thus, I'm reasonably sure that someone at Rogers knows about this and is actively working on it. However, at this point I have no idea when I will once again be able to use my connection for anything other than light web browsing. Would it be possible to get an ETA for when node work will be complete in my area (Cedar Hill, Downtown Kitchener)?

@ElegantTetris  I am glad @RogersMoin has tried to provide you with a path towards a solution.


In my case I have called in my loss of connection twice and I have been met with request to do more troubleshooting like bypass the power bar, bypass the router, reset the modem, etc. One fellow even told me see if it happened on another device before he would take any action.  Make sure you ask Tech Support when they have recorded your outages so you can compare your data.  Note that I also asked if there was any maintenance being done in my area and I was told no.  That was very interesting as I had two trucks from a company called TANDAM on my street installing a fibre-optic line for Rogers as I was speaking to Tech Support on the phone.  So make sure you keep good records of your efforts. 


In my case I had been tracking the connection to the Rogers Yahoo  IMAP server and I had screen captures of the almost daily disconnect occurrences.  The last request, after telling them it was happening on my iPad, was to try monitoring the connection to another server like Google which I did. Today around 10:15 I lost my connection while on Google.

Google - There is no internet connection.png


When I checked pingplotter I was disconnected for about 4 minutes. All this to say that I wish you luck getting help. It seems to take a long time before anyone believes you.


2017-01-15 10:15 am

170115 Pingplotter on Google.png




Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I'm Here A Lot

Speed drops nightly (noise on the line?)


I was having a long term issue that happens almost every night where something drops the signal quality on my TV Service.   It was very random at first and started in around October.   On random nights a few channels would drop out and others would lose signal quality dropping audio and video. A service tech came out found noise and it still continued.  Called technical support again and was told, it maybe a neighbour with faulty equipment and they would try to contact them.  Noise still seemed to happen randomly.


Fast forward to last week the 6th to the 9th it got much worse, internet speeds dropped to the kb range on a Gigabit line, tv went out for two days and home phone went up and down at random.  Neighbour next door also lost service and a service tech they called came by and seemed to fix an issue with the cable box on the side of the street which brought my services back online at around 10 am Monday the 9th.  The service tech I booked came at 5pm did some diagnostics on the modem seen some spikes of noise tried swapping my coda-4582 for CGNM-3552 to see if that would help with speeds it didn’t.  The service tech wasn’t able to get anymore then 10Mbps.  I asked if he could swap the coda back, he did but it was incorrectly provisioned and I had to call tech support again to get it fixed.  This took 3 calls and 2 days to fix.


Service was fine for week.  All services worked,  internet speeds seemed normal.  However on January 13 the problem came back, from around 4:30pm the TV service, Internet service and even home phone service all had problems.  Home Phone had random static sounds, TV service again dropped channels and lost signal and Internet once again would get no greater then a few Kb to a few Mb on the downstream.   On the morning of the 14th everything was fine, however at night internet speeds would drop.  This repeated on the 15th.


Called technical support and another service tech is coming today at 4 to 6 pm.


The drop outs go as follows:

January 13 4:30pm to Morning (all services had issues)

January 14 7:30 Pm to around 8:30am (internet speeds dropped, other services ok)

January 15 9:38pm to 9:38am. (internet speeds dropped, other services ok)


Modem logs has the following errors: Lost MDD Timeout;CM-MAC, No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out, RCS Partial Service, Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received - T3 time-out, DHCP RENEW WARNING - Field invalid in response v4 option


They seem to be in time with the noise spikes.   However the modem was reset during testing with tech support, so some logs got lost.


This morning everything seems to fine once again. 


I am hoping the service tech today can find the issue. Anything I should tell them when they come? 

Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I've Been Here Awhile

Recently I have very slow connection to my web servers

Hosting supports ask me to do a tracert in CMD.  Find there shouldn't be that many time out. They think it's ISP's problem.  is it bad?



1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms hitronhub.home []
2 36 ms 19 ms 39 ms INTEL_CE_LINUX []
3 25 ms 19 ms 19 ms INTEL_CE_LINUX []
4 15 ms 16 ms 12 ms INTEL_CE_LINUX []
5 15 ms 15 ms 19 ms INTEL_CE_LINUX []
6 25 ms 19 ms 13 ms INTEL_CE_LINUX []
7 32 ms 42 ms 29 ms
8 38 ms 38 ms 28 ms
9 37 ms 29 ms 29 ms [62.115.11
10 52 ms 61 ms 42 ms [62.115.122
11 44 ms 36 ms 42 ms colocrossing-ic-314283-buf-b1.c.t
12 * * * request time out
13 * * * request time out
14 * * * request time out
15 48 ms 39 ms 36 ms [1

16 * * * request time out
17 * * * request time out
18 38 ms 48 ms 39 ms [198.23.1
19 49 ms 47 ms 39 ms INTEL_CE_LINUX []

Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

Hello @BloodySky,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I can definitely understand the need for a speedy internet connection to your web server. Fortunately, you've come to the right place! I'll invite a few of our very knowledgeable Resident Experts to give a hand.


@Gdkitty @Datalink @gp-se @VivienM


If you can kindly provide @BloodySky with your insight, it'd be much appreciated.



Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

@BloodySky, just as a quick comment at this point, the time to the second hop is higher than what I would expect to see.  It should be down around 8 to 13 ms.  Can you run an extended ping test to to see what the average turns out to be:


ping -n 2000


Please post the bottom test results.  I might ask you to run Pingplotter to see the response time to the CMTS during various times of the day.  Please have a look at the linked post regarding the use of Pingpltter to monitor the modem to CMTS path for packet loss and latency:





Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.


you could try changing your DNS servers, it may take a different/faster path to the website.


Google or Open DNS are both good options.

Google DNS Servers:


Open DNS:


Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Yes, but, changing the DNS won't change the time to the CMTS.  There's only one path from the modem to the CMTS, no matter what DNS you use. 

Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I've Been Around

fix my internet


Just fix it. Dont pretend there is no problem.

Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello @bryhal

Whats going on? Unfortunately you would need to let us know what's going on to try and help but ultimately you would need to contact Rogers tech support or @CommunityHelps and see what they can do.

Although we do have some excellent users here which can help! So what's going on?

Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.


Physical problem? Issue with the lines, in the house or out.. need to get a Tech out.
Something more down the line.. still often need a tech out to confirm, then can push to maintenance, etc.

Yes, if its back end, etc.. it needs to be fixed from there.. which does happen from time to time, with LARGE outages (whole towns, etc).  But generally most other things are usually a one offs.

As discussed with some neighbors recently.. I would love to see that ALL hardware is MONITORED from rogers side.. so they know when stuff goes down, could be more pro active.
But talking with some people.. the COSTS to do so, would be insanely huge.  Which we would end up paying for. 

Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

Is Rogers Internet down in Ottawa (Gloucester) right now?


Says dns is down. All devices offline. Rebooted modem twice.

Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

Hi @tvall1977,


Welcome to the Community Forums! You've come to the right place for help. 


I'm hoping your issue has been resolved since your last post, but I did take a look I didn't see any issues last night in Gloucester. 


If you're still experiencing any loss of internet, please do let us know!  You can always send us a private message @CommunityHelps and we can access your account to run some diagnostics.


For more information on our private messaging system, check out our blog.


Kind regards,






Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I Plan to Stick Around

No download from Amazon Servers


Not only I CAN'T stream.
But I can't download anything from amazon servers either. 
This is really frustrating.
The issue has been going on for 2 weeks.=_

Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Hi @TCarneiro, can you log into the modem interface by typing on the top of the browser and then navigate to DOCSIS WAN and post your Downstream Overview and Upstream Overview stats please? This way we can be able to troubleshoot any radio frequency issues which can limiting you from streaming and downloading. 

Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I Plan to Stick Around

@RyzenFX I changed the modem 1 time already since I started having this issue. Here's the information.


Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I Plan to Stick Around

@RyzenFX the image got deleted.
Here it is,.

Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I've Been Here Awhile

intermittent internet


i'm having intermittent internet drops, tech says they can't do anything unless they're in diagnostics on my modem when it happens
here's the latest docsis

No. Time Type Priority Event


**Removed log due to MAC info** - RogersZia


Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I've Been Here Awhile
also note, that this has been happening gor 3+months and i've changed modems as well, i've also changed placement of my modem to directly where the cable comes in the house to no avail.
the internet drops on wifi and lan

Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I'm a Reliable Contributor

@TCarneiro From what I'm seeing your Downstream signal strength are higher than what I normally see but they are within range and should cause no problem. What caught my eye is that if you are receiving a higher signal strength on the downstream, that should be translated to a lower signal strength on the upstream. However, what I am seeing is the opposite which is unusual. It could be caused by a cabling problem, amplifier, etc (there are too many factors to take in).


It seems that there is an underlying problem (probably on your end), but I would highly suggest talking to customer support to pinpoint the problem and hopefully have technician sent to your place to fix the problem. If the problem is not fixed, you can come back and let us know of what was done to try to solve the problem and we'll if we can help from there.

Re: Internet Connection Issues - 2017 experiences.

I'm a Reliable Contributor

@Chasehoop88 Can you log into your modem and under DOCSIS WAN post your Downstream and Upstream Overview stats?

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