Intermittent disconnects

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Re: Intermittent disconnects

Hello @Datalink,

Thanks for this - looks good!

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Re: Intermittent disconnects

Can you make any suggestions for my problems?  Our internet either disconnects users (typically 5G) or goes impossibly slow but maintains the connection (2.4).  


Since late January Roger's has replaced the modem 4 or 5 times and sent techs 4 times and elevated the complaint once (they flashed the bios and said it was "cured".  They had us on the White loaf of bread modem but the second to last tech said that based on his field experience the CGN3ACSMR was less troublesome and that has been what we have and it was our previous one also.  We are in an older single family area so houses are spaced out.  The modem was in the basement with a direct coax to the inlet coax until 2 weeks ago but that was not the problem.  Twice call centre techs have seem varing signal strenght but the field techs have said the signal "was within parmeters".  One call centre tech said she saw a 13.7 and a whole bunch of "11s and 12s".  She sent out a field tech the next morning who found nothing wrong and the tech dismissed it was an issue that was probably fixed overnight.  I have tried calling in today when the signal was low but by the time I got through, the phone techs said the signal was good.  


I have the Ignite 100 and do not game or torrent but we always have 15+ devices connected (if that matters) because of a large family.  


I am focused on the incoming signal because after 4 (or 5) modems I cannot believe it is a wireless issue.  The modem was in the garage 3 metres from my desktop but 2 modems ago it was moved upstarirs to a "Roger's approved" location 3 metres from my wife's laptop.  My receive strenght now is typically -45dB but it can dip to -60bD when the internet slows down.  My wife receives between -27 to -45 depending on what the internet is doing.  


We have a CGN3ACSMR software  Below is the DOCSIS Lan readings at noon when the internet was poor, again at 6PM when it was deadfull and finally at almost midnight when it was good.  The inSIDDer screen shot is at 6PM when the internet service was bad.  What do they suggest to you?


Thank you


Modem readings.JPGinSSIDER at 540 pm April 6.jpg


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Re: Intermittent disconnects

Hello @John40,


Welcome to our Community Forums!


Thank you for sharing these diagnostics. In order to get to the bottom of this issue, we'll need to run some tests from our end.


Please PM us @CommunityHelps for further assistance and we'll do our best to find a resolution for you.


You can find instructions on how to PM us here.




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Re: Intermittent disconnects

I am having the intermittent disconnects on the modem which is 5 years old almost, should get automatic replacement. Please have someone contact me ASAP, maybe we will switch to Ignite

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Re: Intermittent disconnects

Hello @lordsAK,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums.


Intermittent internet is never fun to deal with. Considering your modems age, I'd start with a modem swap first. If your modem is a rental, you can definitely exchange it at your nearest Rogers retail store at no charge. Find the closest store to you using our store locator website.


There could be a several reason that could cause intermittent disconnects. Can you provide a bit more information as to the troubleshooting steps you've taken so far to try and isolate the issue?





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Re: Intermittent disconnects

I am still getting No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out messages with the CODA - 4582.  Had previously swapped a CGN3 thinking it would go away but it still happens. Have tried connecting modem to the basement main line directly and upstairs and get intermittent disconnects every now and then. Speeds are excellent its only the disconnection every now and then that annoys me. Tested both in bridge and router mode. It is also connected to the wall socket directly and have tried different coax cables.


Called rogers today and CSR said its because I have "too many devices connected" I have around 15 devices and find that to be BS since not all devices are using the internet at the same time. The package is ignite 100. When i requested for a tech she said it would cost me 49.99 and all tech would do is to reconfirm by signal strength which she said is good.  I told her I would think about it.


I dont know what to do anymore...  here are the signals


Downstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDSignal noise ratio (dB)
OFDM Downstream Overview
ReceiverFFT typeSubcarr 0 Frequency(MHz)PLC lockedNCP lockedMDC1 lockedPLC power(dBmv)
Upstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDBandwidth
123700000ATDMA - 64QAM39.00026400000
238596000ATDMA - 64QAM42.75033200000
330596000ATDMA - 64QAM39.00016400000
Channel IndexStatelin Digital AttDigital AttBW (sc's*fft)Report PowerReport Power1_6FFT Size
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Re: Intermittent disconnects

@roy86 Your signal levels look excellent, have you tried doing a hardware swap at your local Rogers store? Make sure you get one with a black dot on the box/modem. These are newer with better shielding.


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Re: Intermittent disconnects

yea the coda 4582 i have is the black dot one. I do not think the swap would work since the CGN3 was doing the same thing albeit more frequently.


Is it normal for a modem to disconnect now and then? what should the ideal uptime be?

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Re: Intermittent disconnects

@roy86 wrote:

yea the coda 4582 i have is the black dot one. I do not think the swap would work since the CGN3 was doing the same thing albeit more frequently.


Is it normal for a modem to disconnect now and then? what should the ideal uptime be?

@roy86 I don't think it's normal, my uptime is usually weeks/months. 

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Re: Intermittent disconnects

@roy86, call tech support and ask the CSR what the power level is for the OFDM channel.  The data that is presented in the user interface on the modem is not correct, so the question is, since the modem is running DOCSIS 3.1, is the power level for the DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM within spec.  Running DOCSIS 3.1should result in better high speed performance but, there have been customers who have seen worse performance with 3.1 running.  The modem should stay connected, day in, day out, without any service dropouts. 




Can you go to   That is a test site that will check both IVP4 and IPV6 connectivity.  A score of 4/20 is usual for IPV4 operation, 17/20 for almost IPV6 operation where the pc requires an additional IPV6 ICMP rule for the windows firewall, and 19/20 for normal IPV6 operation with Rogers.  Rogers does not supply an IPV6 host name, so that final 20/20 score won't be seen on this network.




Have a look at the following post to download and setup pingplotter on a wired device to monitor the modem to CMTS path and determine if and when dropouts are seen.  With that data, it should be possible to determine what tech support can do.  Are you seeing the dropouts via ethernet, or via wifi?  If you only see this via wifi, you will need to use a wired device to see what the modem is actually doing.  Wifi brings its own problems with it, so, for the purposes of tracking down disconnects, one has to start with a wired device.