Intermittent disconnects

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I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Intermittent disconnects


Yes the disconnect is happening both on wifi and wired.

The modem doesn't reboot. It's kinda a micro d/c 10-20 sec most.

Then everything is back to normal.



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Re: Intermittent disconnects

Thank you @Doxy



There's one final thing that can be checked to determine if the modem itself is losing connection to the internet, or if the devices in your home are losing connection to the modem. If you can log into your gateway and check the LAN and WAN uptimes these should be within 3-5 minutes of each other. If however the WAN uptime is much lower and coincides with the last drop in your connection I would recommend reaching out to support for assistance with that information so it an be addressed accordingly. You can also reach out to us here @CommunityHelps via PM! For more information on our PM system click here.


Let us know if you have any other questions!