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Intermittent Ignite Service- Woodstock, ON

I've Been Around

Rogers Ignite has been cutting in and out very frequently (every few minutes) since the evening of Nov 13th. It's now been nearly 24 hours and it's still happening. There are others in Woodstock experiencing the same issue but Rogers says they aren't experiencing any outages. I need answers. Bell just added Fibre to my whole street and I'm up for renewal in the new year. I'm not satisfied with Rogers Ignite intermittent service and it only seems to happening more frequently. Might leave after 15 years with Rogers.


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Re: Intermittent Ignite Service- Woodstock, ON



Hello and welcome to the Community @TobyandBuddy,



Disconnects can be frustrating especially when you depend on a constant connection. We'd like a chance to investigate this for you to see what's happening. I just have a few questions to help pinpoint the issue:


  • Do you recall when this issue first began? Were any changes made to your equipment or setup?
  • Was any new equipment added such as routers, repeaters, splitters, or amplifiers?
  • Do you notice issues mostly during a specific time of day or is it random?
  • Is the issue happening on all the devices in the house?



We look forward to hearing from you.