Ignite Wifi Gateway (Arris XB6) vs. Old Hitron Gateway

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Re: Ignite Wifi Gateway (Arris XB6) vs. Old Hitron Gateway

I am in the exact same situation. The range on the new modem is horrible! Haven't cancelled yet.
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Re: Ignite Wifi Gateway (Arris XB6) vs. Old Hitron Gateway

@Budman67 wrote:

Don't upgrade to ignite internet service

We just upgraded and are now paying $ 20 more a month for the same speed but horrible range. Chat support said I could add extenders. So you upgrade , pay more and in order to get the same range as before with the old Hitron modem you have to add extenders. Thanks rogers

Which version of the XB6 do you have, the one made by Arris or the Technicolor model?  To check, log into the modem; you will find the Model and Vendor listed in: Gateway > Hardware > System Hardware


In some cases, the Technicolor version may perform better than the Arris model.   (The transmit power on the 5 GHz DFS channels (and above) is higher on the Techncolor variant, according to the certification documents, and this could make a difference with some WiFi clients.)  You may be able to improve WiFi performance by adjusting the modem location.  You should also perform a survey using a WiFi scanner to isolate/fix dead spots and to ensure that you are using optimal WiFi channels.  However, the WiFi performance on the XB6 (either model) should not be all that different from your old Hitron modem.


Yes, you can extend your range by installing Pods but anything connecting to a Pod will see their WiFi throughput top out at 200 Mb/s... and as soon as you start using the Ignite WiFi mobile app or the Ignite WiFi Hub web app, you will lose the ability to configure some WiFi settings on your XB6 gateway.


Also, if I may ask, what was the reason that you switched to Ignite Internet, despite it also being more expensive than what you had before?