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Ignite Modem Logs

I've Been Here Awhile

Anyone understand why I don't see any logs on the browser interface?




When I go and try to look at the System Logs for the last 90 days, I get one entry:

GUI: User: xxx login 2021/8/13 13:06:57 Notice


And that's after multiple connection drops and resets, including a pull the plug reboot.



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Re: Ignite Modem Logs


Is there anyone in the Community that is experiencing a similar issue with their modem logs?




Re: Ignite Modem Logs

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Testing12341234  That does seem unusual to me.  Keep in mind as well that in addition to the System log, you also have Event and Firewall logs, and the amount of logging will also depend on whether you have Bridge Mode enabled.


On my Technicolor XB6, I have MANY entries in my System log.  e.g. for logins and logouts, password changes and many configuration changes.


In Bridge Mode, my Event log was empty because (presumably) I had no DOCSIS errors to report.  In "gateway" mode, you should at the very least see Notice messages when the Harvester service starts.


The Firewall log should show daily summary stats of what the Firewall blocked.  In Bridge Mode, you will not see anything logged because the Firewall is not processing any traffic.

Re: Ignite Modem Logs

@RogersCorey wrote:

Is there anyone in the Community that is experiencing a similar issue with their modem logs?

I once had a defective gateway where the stats in "Gateway > Connection > Rogers Network" were either not updating, displayed zero, or were totally wrong.  Not sure about the log.


Sometimes power-cycling the gateway will reset it back into a working state.  Next, I would try a factory reset.  If that does not fix the problem, then I would say that the gateway is defective and needs to be replaced.

Re: Ignite Modem Logs

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Hi everyone. I experience exactly the same thing as the OP. On my XB6, I only have one GUI login event recorded in the logs. No other entries or logs whatsoever.

The only issue I’m experiencing is monthly disconnects (only once per month for 10 mins each time) where my gateway loses the network completely and flashes orange for 10 mins before reconnecting to the network. All homes on my street experience the same monthly disruption and this is not an Ignite problem since it was also happening when I had a CODA modem. I’m not sure if such an event should be in the Ignite gateway logs but it’s not.

Also, I’m running my gateway in bridge mode so I wouldn’t have any firewall logs (since the firewall on the XB6 is disabled).

I’m not sure why I don’t see any event or system logs other than that one GUI login entry. Could I also have a defective XB6? Everything works well so I doubt it’s defective…