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Ignite Internet speeds wrong?

I'm a Regular

Just upgraded from Hybrid Fibre 30 to Ignite 60. On Hybrid Fibre 30 I got 30 down and 5 up as promised. Now that we have Ignite 60 speeds are all over the place. When the internet package switched over wifi was dropping so I reset the router. I ran speed tests and found that all devices were getting 10 down as promised. BUT I also found that all devices were getting 30 down.


Due to resetting the router the 5GHz network got enabled and I gave that a try. (It was disabled since we had no 5G devices at the time of setup.) I found there was a very noticeable speed difference on my iPod touch so I ran a speed test. I was surprised to find that it was getting speeds of 100/10 rather than 60 or 30. It's nice that the 5G network is so fast but I only have one 5G capable device. It seems consistant that whenever someone uses a 5G device on the network the speeds are around the same as the iPod.


I did further testing by moving the PC and plugging it directly into the router. When plugged in it got speeds of around 70-80 down which I suspect is normal for the Ignite 60 package.


First of all, why is the 5GHz network faster than wired? And what's wrong with the 2.4GHz network? The upload speed increased fine but download stayed the same. Is this normal?


Re: Ignite Internet speeds wrong?

This computer doesn't support 5 Ghz networks. I'm guessing from the MAC addresses the blank ones are 5G. networking2.png

Re: Ignite Internet speeds wrong?

Looks like channel 11 is the best choice for now.  There are numerous other modems and routers running in your neighborhood, so, its no surprise that you're having some issues with 2.4 Ghz wifi.  That is something that you're going to have to keep an eye on. 


The lines with no SSID are 2.4 Ghz modems and routers that are set to operate and not transmit their SSID, which is permitted.  If the computer supported 5 Ghz you would see some networks running in the 5 Ghz display area on the lower right and see the 5 Ghz channel numbers listed in the text area of the data.


Another post today also reminded me of an issue with the CGN3 series modems, and that is the transmission of what appears to be a secondary unidentified network.  If you look at the image that you provided you can see another network without an SSID transmitting on channel 11 as well, at a higher power than your network.  Thats the problem network.  If you change to another channel, you should see that channel move as well.  That will confirm that your modem does have this problem.  I've reported this to the engineering staff but haven't seen anything on it recently. 


The problem with this secondary transmission is that it bleeds power from the network that you are running, and as a result, you end up with reduced range to the modem.  If the modem output power was put into the your network alone, running on channel 11, my guess is that you would be ok. 


Here's a link to the other thread that is currently running.  Note that this is a fairly recent issue but it was first seen several weeks ago:



Re: Ignite Internet speeds wrong?

I Plan to Stick Around

I second that. I have Ignite 100, and you will never get your rated speed on 2.4GHz. This isn't Rogers' fault, it's just the overcrowded 2.4GHz spectrum.


For your laptop, I would HIGHLY recommend picking up a 5GHz capable USB WiFi dongle. If you can get one that supports 802.11ac, you'll definitely get your full 60Mbps. My Dell laptop has it built-in, and with my Ignite 100 I almost always get around 120-130Mbps on a speed test.


As far as that "ghost" network on top of yours, did you make sure your Guest network is turned off? Not sure if the SSID can be disabled on the guest network, but that's a possibility. Also, it could be that some people are seeing transparent wifi repeaters in their house/area. They transparently extend the range (without changing the SSID) of all networks they can see, but can also cause problems like this. They do modify the header, though, hence inSSIDer showing it as a separate signal. Wonder if the OP has any range extenders?


Decided to take a look at my wifi, and yup, it appears on mine as well. Definitely thinking it's the modem/router now. Notice my 5GHz signal, all by itself way over on the right? No overlapping signals, nothing co-channel. That's the beauty of 5GHz. You can see how insanely polluted the 2.4GHz spectrum is here in Toronto!


inSSIDer results 1


inSSIDer results 2

Re: Ignite Internet speeds wrong?

The guest network isn't on. I tried it yesterday and it was just as slow.

I'm definitely going to look into getting a 5GHz wifi dongle.

Re: Ignite Internet speeds wrong?

I Plan to Stick Around

Something interesting I noticed --


My 2.4GHz MAC Address is 00:FC:XX:XX:47:58 whereas the "ghost" one is 00:FC:XX:XX:47:5A, and my 5GHz one is 02:FC:XX:XX:47:50 ... so they're all coming from the same chipset, is my guess.

EDIT: The "ghost" SSID is not transmitting all the time! It's just sending out periodic "chirps" ... very curious to find out what this ends up being.


Also, if you look at my second image above, you can see another Rogers customer on channel 6 with the same "ghost" SSID.