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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: IP address wrong location

I just switched over to the new Ignite TV, which provides a new modem.  I finally stopped getting Google searches in London instead of where I live (3 hours away).  I had swapped out Coda modems a couple of times and only this has worked. Maybe there is new routing with the new modems?  Maybe someone else will know?  Thanks 

I've Been Around
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Re: IP address wrong location

I am in Mississauga Ontario Canada and I and Google think I am in Corner Brook Newfoundland.  This has caused several confusing emails to me to validate I am legit.  I need to get this fixed but the information in this thread does not tell me how. 

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: IP address wrong location

@benjimin : As mentioned in several earlier posts in this thread, you can try contacting the @CommunityHelps  people by clicking that link and sending them a PM or as follows after you have logged into the forum:




No guarantees, but that seems to be the only recourse at this time.  I'm not sure what they do - perhaps get you a different IP address, or update the IP address geolocation database...

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