IP Location issues with ASUS AC68U

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IP Location issues with ASUS AC68U

I'm using the CGN3 in bridge mode with an ASUS AC68U router, and it looks like the router's WAN IP address is sending out mixed geolocations.  A bit of background:


When the NHL revamped its GameCentre app & website at the beginning of February, I started getting blackout notifications for most of the games whether I used the Android app or the website through my PC.  Pretty much every game, with the exception of National Broadcasts, provided me with blackout messages that said I wasn't allowed to watch the game.  I understand how the blackout rules work - living in Ottawa, Ottawa & Montreal regional games are subject to blackouts in the Ottawa area, I get that.  However, I am being blacked out from all of the out of market games as well.  The service always worked really well up until February - I was watching all of the out of market games without issue.  I know there were / are a lot of bugs with the NHL GameCenter product since the revamp so I just tried waiting it out for a bit.  When nothing seemed to change, and the Rogers Call Centre staff couldn't provide an answer, I thought maybe there was a problem at my end.


This week I did a test at IPLocation.net and of the five GeoLocation data results that came back, only one put my location at Ottawa, 2 put my location as the Ottawa suburb I live in, one put my location as Woodbridge, and one had my location as Vaughn.  With the mixed results, I can now understand why the NHL is blacking me out since it can't determine my exact location (even though it worked fine until February).  I'm not using any VPN or proxy services.  I hooked up my older router (D-Link DIR-857) and ran the same test at IPLocation.net and all 5 GeoLocation data results came back with my location as Ottawa (the city, not my suburb).  There was a different WAN IP Address that came back for the D-Link compared to the AC68U which would explain the difference in location results.  NHL Gamecenter also worked properly (the app & website) while I was using the older D-Link router.


I'm not overly familiar with network settings etc., and as such, I haven't been able to change the settings on my AC68U to provide the correct GeoLocation information properly.  I did try changing the WAN connection type from Automatic IP to Static IP using the WAN IP Address I had with the D-Link but I obviously did something wrong as I couldn't connect to any websites after - so it's back to Automatic IP right now.


Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions?  Thanks so much for any help.




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Re: IP Location issues with ASUS AC68U

Hello @OTT01,


Thank you for posting a very interesting question.

Though, networking is a learning curve for me; I am sure @Datalink, @Gdkitty@VivienM can assist you with this as they are very helpful Resident Experts.




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Re: IP Location issues with ASUS AC68U

Okay, here's the scoop here. These geolocation things are all... improvised hacks..., fundamentally. 15 years ago I would have told you IP geolocation was impossible; since then, people have made the impossible possible. But it has nothing to do with your devices and everything to do with your IP address and/or neighbouring wireless networks. What these geolocation providers do is take information about your traffic and the traffic of neighbouring IPs and use it to essentially... guess... your location. Plus they may combine that with data from smartphones (which tend to have GPS), data about neighbouring wireless networks, etc. It's remarkable how well it works, really.


Basically, if I had to guess, I think Rogers used to use that IP address block in a different part of the network, and some geolocation providers haven't yet gotten enough information to change their mind about where it now is. Not much you can do about that, I think...


Quick work around: find out the WAN MAC address of your D-Link. Manually set the WAN MAC address of the AC68U to that MAC address. Then suddenly, Rogers' DHCP will hand out the same IP it gave the D-Link to the Asus...

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Re: IP Location issues with ASUS AC68U

Thanks @VivienM for your help.  I switched the WAN MAC address and at first I wasn't able to access the internet.  However after a couple of reboots (both the modem & the router) I was given a new IP Address and everything seems good right now.  Thanks again!