How to disable SIP/ALG on Hitron CGN3

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Re: How to disable SIP/ALG on Hitron CGN3

"The very first post, and most of the others, relate to methods of disabling the SIP/ALG"

Correct, but it seems you want to troubleshoot an issue with your SIP not working properly?


No details were provided, just a yes or no question... so I will assume you indeed have an issue and that you have  disabled SIP/ALG (based on you reading the posts) and that since you are not in Bridged mode you do not have another router in play.


The quick answer to your question if that's all you actually wanted is "yes " but as said many times you have to disable SIP/ALG and all is good!


The long answer...

You have 2 choices

-Pay Rogers to unlock a feature (SIP/ALG) 

-Configure your network with a modem (an ISP's Modem/Router that is in Bridged Mode) and a Router of your choice. This setup is typical of most business's.


Tip for the latter:

My setup is as follows in case it helps you or others

- 1X -Rogers CNG3 Modem/Router (in Bridged Mode)

- 2X -Dlink 878 (one setup as a Router and the other as an Access Point)

- DD-WRT Firmware (optional) on both Dlinks 


DD-WRT Firmware is more powerful then most default firmware's on basic routers.

It extends the life of your router.

DD-WRT website has a list of compatible routers 

2 files required - You upgrade to it's firmware then follow-up with  an update.


I now have 6 SIP accounts with 6 different carriers around the world and all works flawlessly.


Note from Rogers:

Our frontline technical support staff recognize the request to disable/enable SIG/ALG settings as being related to VoIP service, which is something that falls outside of their scope of support; and that is why they refer our customers to TechXpert, where we deal with non-Rogers technical inquires. 


Another reason customers are directed to contact TechXpert for VoIP related inquiries, is because we can provide additional assistance with the VoIP products if required, where our frontline technical support would not be able to provide this level of support.




Hope that somewhat helps


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Re: How to disable SIP/ALG on Hitron CGN3

Your "long version" answer is very helpful. My CGN3 has an en/disable button for SIP/ALG but it still doesn't allow my SIP phone to register. I will follow your recommendation regarding the bridge. Interestingly, my public telephone service provider (FreePhoneLine) has figured out a workaround to the Hitron issue using a custom server and port 6060. The other service I am trying to connect with (HamShack Hotline) is not flexible - this is why I will need the bridge configuration.


I have used DD-WRT before but it was with an old WRT54GL. I hadn't thought of using it a newer model router. I also like the idea of 2 routers attached to the bridge. 


Again, thank you for your guidance ... tfc