How do I change my default gateway IP address?

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Re: How do I change my default gateway IP address?

@dassub wrote:

I appreciate you doing some of the legwork for me.  Are you using bridge mode and your own router, or are you able to assign the XB6 the 100.x LAN address?

No problem.  Actually, I have been in this configuration for the last few days, by happenstance, for a completely different reason.  As I said before, I have not run into any issues from an IP routing perspective.


Yes, my XB6 is in bridge mode, and I use my own router, and I support users in the Community who also wish to use their own router and 3rd-party network gear with Ignite TV.


Our business only uses router rules to forward a few ports for the surveillance cameras.  No VPN, and most of the heavy lifting re: network management is done in Windows Server.


Sounds like I'll need to contact rogers tech support eventually, unless they can directly reach out to me from here (since there's more obvious context in this post than I can describe verbally).

The XB6 is a primarily residential device and was designed to be the hub for a "Connected Home".  It's an all-in-one gateway with special support for Ignite TV, Home Phone, and Home Monitoring services.  It also supports Parental Controls, Protected Browsing, and has integrated support for Ignite WiFi Pods, and all this can be managed through a mobile app.


Your setup probably will work, if you use your own router and with the XB6 in bridge mode.  However, I still strongly recommend sticking to a solution that is fully supported by Rogers for their business customers.  I don't think that anybody from Rogers will follow up with a post here but feel free to reach out to @CommunityHelps  -- click on the username link, then click on the "Send this user a Private Message" button.  They can open a support ticket on your behalf and consult with other experts internally to find a more viable solution for you.

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Re: How do I change my default gateway IP address?

So for anyone who ends up Googling this issue and finding this post, the resolution is that there really isn't anything that can be done on Rogers end, and no router hardware will cooperate with the LAN IP.  The only hardware that might support it (XB6 from this thread) is unavailable to business customers.


The resolution is that we have reached out to our IT vendor to change our LAN IP, along with our Windows Server DHCP scope, etc.  It's a costly and timely solution, but ultimately the only solution.  This entire situation could have been avoided had our (different) IT vendor not chosen this LAN IP over a decade ago, but that's just how it goes sometimes.

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