Hitron Modem keeps dropping internet

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Re: Hitron Modem keeps dropping internet

Every time I called support I told them that my phone is going down the same time as Internet but for some reason Rogers doesn't have global support and I would have to call separate Internet or phone support and problem is at both the same time. Each department is looking only for their connection and to me is not phone or Internet issue it's source of signal coming to my house.

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Re: Hitron Modem keeps dropping internet

It shouldn't matter which service that you report as a failure, the CSRs should be looking at everything if you're indicating that everything goes down.  


Alright, it looks like you're getting nowhere with tech support.  I see that @RogersAndy is on tonight.  I'll ask him to contact you via message so that you can forward your account details to him.  Look for a number overlaying your avatar in the upper right hand corner when you're logged into the forum.  That will indicate a mention or possibly a message.  Follow that avatar.  It serves as a link to your personal page and message inbox and outbox.  Follow the links down to the inbox and respond to Andy's message.  He should be able to arrange a tech visit with a Senior Tech and get the ball rolling.  


Edit:  ok, I've sent a message to @RogersAndy asking him to send you a message so that you can respond to him with your account details.  

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Re: Hitron Modem keeps dropping internet

Hey @neropl!


Sorry to hear this issue has been so consistent for you! Constant intermittency is certainly something I've a lot of experience working with and I'll do what's needed to get to the bottom of this for you. At your convenience send us a PM @CommunityHelps. For more information on our PM system you can check out our Blog.